Raven chased by small mob
(This is in Ravens point of view)

Maggie left to go help the others and I decided that I would walk around the town and find out some more about the town and the people here. So I started over by the church and talked with the local priest asking about the origin of this town. He gave me some interesting facts. I thanked him and continued walking around. I then walked over to where the market place use to be before everything went up in flames. There were people everywhere cleaning up what use to be their livelihood. I felt kind of bad for them so I went and talked with them. We talked for what seemed like hours but I noticed some kids laughing and playing but didn't think anything of it. So as I was talking to a lady who was gathering up what was left of her fabric (she is a seamstress) I didn't notice the kids from before sneaking up behind me. So while I was tacking one of the kids grabbed ahold of my hood and pulled it down almost chocking me with it and another kid dumps a bucket of water on me. I am not standing here with my hood off, and my ears showing, and on top of that I'm soaking wet. The lady gasps and backs away from me and so does the kids. The men over in this area come to see what's going on and see me and slots me with death glares. They grab what ever they can use to hit me with and start running at me. I turn quick on my heal and make a run for it. They followed right behind. I look around for a place to hide but to no avail. So I have been running for some time now and they won't let up. I ended up running to the side of the town where Joseph was on patrol and ran right past him. Although he didn't see that it was me and him and his other comrades with him decided to follow behind to find out what's going on. I looked back and saw that I was being chased by angry men but now I'm being chased by one of my friends. I looked back and sped up my pace and ran as fast as I could and managed to lose them by hideing in a now abandoned home. I hid in what use to be a celler. And stayed there and caught my breath. I then decided that if I tried to go back that they would find me and do who knows what. So instead I decided to stay the night here.
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Thank you. Let me fill in some things.

"Church"-- could be one of several. Haelyn is the biggest, god of law, justice, & rulership. The local branch is known as his Holy Aegis, and for decades, one of the knights of that order has ruled this town. Aeric is fields & forests, natural stuff-- he has small shrines here, since it is still farm country around the town.
Avanalae (knowledge, education, the sun, wizard magic) has a large library/temple in town. There are smaller ones for most of the other powers as well: Nesirie (women, mourning, rivers & oceans, sailors), Laerme (fire, arts, creative things), Sera (commerce and luck), and Cuiraecan (knights, battle, storms). No temples or shrines seen for Belinik (destruction, war), Kreisha (winter), Eloele (thieves, night), and Ruornil (moon, wizardly magic).

Short history: Brynnor is at least a thousand years old, grown up from a farmers' market and river port. It's where a small river flows into the bigger Stonebryn River, with high bluffs surrounding it. The founder's family's manor house is on one of those hills, now empty.