Hell yes, dragons love me.
I knew it, I'm so awesome even dragons wanr to keep me around. Unfortunately, there's no way I'm getting attached to anyone, no matter how awesome her tits may be. She does have some good taste, if I do say so myself, but like most women just got too clingy.

We did find a set of fairies serving dinner, which was delicious and healing! Gwen joined in and I must say, her extensive knowledge of wine and ale pairings dwarfed even the presumably quite old fairies' palletes. Her suggestions changed a merely delicious meal into something fit for a king! We both feel one shouldn't go into battle with an empty stomach, and that really came in handy for the dragon battle.

Well, after the massacre in the dragon's chambers we found a bunch of loot and I have to say that I'm really disappointed. That dragon seemed like such a patron of the arts, but didn't bother to keep any cursed treasure around? Is it really so much to ask that Storm's poison-curing totem could actually cause a magical blight in people around it or that Melech's sword could talk to him, promising power for evil acts? We're working pretty quickly toward solving the world's problems, we need some new villains to show us THE TRUE MEANING OF FEAR or something!
Man, a second ballad about Sorm going rogue and trying to fry the rest of the party with lightning while they band together to try to stop their recently-turned-evil friend would be even better than this one! I should suggest the idea to him.
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Epic × 2!


Which was more important, dinner or dragon? Gain an inspiration, to a maximum of five, and a Mote of Power. You can use this Mote as a reaction to force an opponent to make a save with Disadvantage, to make a save with Advantage, to gain Advantage on an attack roll, or to deal and extra 25 damage on an attack.
The important piece is not dinner or dragon, it's not becoming a dragon's dinner.