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Caves and Cities
Battle under thunderclouds
Now re-armed, everyone decided to return to the caves. They found everything there quiet, and entered the cave full of undead.
They found: no undead? No one at all, in fact. They took the various gems and jewels that were found, but no one disturbed them-- no guards, no priests (this was clearly a temple to Azrai), no undead. Locked in one prison cell, they found one person-- a frightening creature, an elven woman who had been transformed by Azrai's blood into a horrible creature, with a gaze that petrified flesh, and a poison touch! She froze Deloran, Eidrik, and Gavin, before she was finally killed by Reginald and Raven. The flash of her divine bloodline at her death confirmed that she was indeed an awnsheghlien.

When the went outside, they realized they had missed the tracks of many, many, feet heading out of the steep ravine. They followed them and saw that they went into the forest, in the direction of The Watch.

Concluding that the undead and goblins had massed to attack the Watch, they rushed up the road to find that the gates were closed, and threatened by a gaggle of zombies.

Quietly moving back into the woods, they found a party of skeletons chopping a tree-trunk into a battering ram, and attempted to attack them. Their stealthy approach almost worked, and Gavin's first attempts to use his new power to rebuke undead almost worked, and the fight was on. Gavin soon got the hang of it, and sent the skeletons fleeing. The 4 priests directing the work were slain.

Gavin and Deloran stayed here to destroy the evil works, Joseth and Roy took off on foot to the nearest body of Guardian soldiers to get help, while Raven, Maggie, and Eidrik went to scout around the Watch-- how many enemies were there?

Those last three soon met a party of three priests in black cloaks. Maggie's spell put 2 of them down, and Eidrik rushed the last one in bear form. As the light rain turned into a thunderstorm, he combined his bear-hug with timely arrows from Raven to kill the torturer who had escaped them in the Temple earlier. They moved on.

The thunder & lightning show galvanized Deloran and Gavin, who now followed their trail.

Circling the Watch to the side opposite the gate, Raven, Maggie, and Eidrik (back into human shape) found the leader of the Temple forces, directing a large band of skeletons to climb the walls, and attacked from behind. Arrows and bolts took down the supporters, then all concentrated on the leader. This turned out to be Tannen, whom they thought was a friendly druid until he turned on them two days ago. Now he was here, in the dress of a priest of Azrai, leading an army against the Watch!

The fight was long and bloody; Eidrik was thought to be mortally wounded. As Tannen, now calling himself Lareth, used a magic staff to beat down their defenses, it looked like he might defeat the sidhelien sisters. That's when Gavin and Deloran caught up to them, and quickly defeated Lareth-- he surrendered!

Deloran was ready to kill him on the spot, but Gavin stayed his hand-- "You don't kill prisoners." With a submissive gesture, Lareth destroyed the skeleton assault force, and his re-appearance as their prisoner caused the goblin bands to flee into the forest.

Early the next morning, an exhausted Joseth and Roy appeared at the head of a troop of cavalry from Winoene. They found an intact Watch and a great feast of a breakfast laid out. Everyone in our story were hailed as heroes.

Sir Arlen and Curate Adrin were so pleased with Gavin that they knighted him on the spot. Deloran's order had no representatives there, but they promised the strongest recommendations to the Militant Order for his knighthood, too. The unholy relics that they recovered needed to be destroyed, and Brynnor was where they needed to go for that. There was a temple there that had a wizard who could help with the safe disposal of those.

Parniel and Linna Garnier gave their personal thanks, too. They were overwhelmed by the treasures-- mostly gems-- taken from the temple's caves. They agreed to pay gold for some of the items, but recommended that more could be sold at their guild's offices in Brynnor, to the south. Quietly, Linna asked Joseth if he had found any magical writings in the caves, but he was unable to answer, in the busy, happy, crowd.

Corporal Holtson clapped most of them on the back, thanking them and praising them for their work. "So glad you finally got it together! Now you're warriors!"

Jadrien was all smiles as she requested their story for the records she would have to write down. Even Brak-Thinn seemed pleased, "which is a great rarity," she whispered.

Everyone will level up, I'm sure
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