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Somewhere in Cyrodiil
The small wings had hummed a tune, one tune for nearly forty years yet tonight they were agitated, the tune strained and unraveling. Prophet Nermus had moved from the Temple of the Moth Halls to the Shrine of the Moth to hear them more clearly. The journey was all within the Temple of the Ancestor Moths but it was made long because of his age and blindness. At the shrine of the Moth the moth’s tune became discordant and then ceased all together. He listened to the silence for some time. Gradually the only sound he heard was his own heartbeat, getting louder and louder in his ears.

“Prophet Nermus?” he heard a voice say.

His throat caught for a moment so absorbed in the sound of the heartbeat was he. He swallowed and cleared his throat.

“What is it Brother Maro?” Prophet Nermus replied.

The scroll, the one that Reader Salvianus was studying. It changed! It changed as he was studying it! Exclaimed Brother Maro.

“And what words does the Elder Scroll show now?” asked Prophet Nermus unsurprised.

“It is the passage, the one about the red diamond, the amulet of kings,” said Brother Maro. Then he recited the new passage.

“A red stone like hardened fire
Held close by the bastard sired
A crown falls in the white eagle's wake
The heart of Akatosh one will take
To renew the line & save us all
The Chim-el Adabal.”

There was complete silence in the Shrine of the Moth. Brother Maro stood waiting expectantly but saying nothing.

Finally, Prophet Nurmus responded, “Have a message sent by dreamsleave to Chancellor Ocato immediately. Something has happened. May the nine preserve us all! Here, take my hand. I’ll walk with you and recite the message to be sent.”
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