Riala's Journal #31
The Journal of Riala Rindalore
Dragon Force: Turdas the 5th of Frostfall, 4E 206

Arriving in Sentinel on a day of celebration, we have much to celebrate indeed. Much has been learned and many victories have been realized since my last entry. Thank the divines! We have a chance now at overcoming the Thalmor and seeing freedom and peace reign in the Empire.

As good fortune would have it the snow elves and Thalmor we encountered turned on each other. Nothing much was left of them when we arrived in their camp. Battle avoided is always, in my mind, a gift, and one that I am most grateful for. The artifact Jo’Rak procured came to be understood as a key to a shadow gate, one that the Thalmor had stolen from the Dragonstar shadow mages before we encountered them. We, in turn, caused its liberation and the return of the key to the mage’s tower in Dragonstar - in our possession.

Once there we entered the tower to do battle with the remaining shadow mages. Trevel, the former teacher of our friend Kalarus had entered there before us with a powerful artifact and two prisoners of renown from Hammerfell. Upon freeing the tower, an encounter that almost lost us Kalarus once more, we learned the prisoners were Talan’s dear father and the High King of Hammerfell, Talan’s uncle! We healed their wounds immediately and made their acquaintance while Talan entered a doorway that led to the Hall of the Virtues of War, the familiar bastion of his training days. He emerged some time later in possession of a powerful orb, the Opal of Nogru, the last piece we needed in our quest to launch a successful campaign against the Thalmor by opening the way to Battlespire. Yet this wasn't the only avenue of strategy open to us.All friendly parties then met back at the Dancing Hound to launch a plan.

Unleashing dragons never entered my thoughts or my dreams before that day, yet that was exactly what we planned to do. We learned of the Thalmor fleets, hundreds strong, threatening off the coasts of Hammerfell and High Rock. My home of Wayrest itself was under siege. My long lost teacher and friend, Master Shelani was leading the resistance, but the threat was growing stronger every second. Hope would depend, at least in part, on my willingness to call in a favor, to travel to the Throat of the world and learn from Parthenex the way to call on the aid of dragons. The dragons certainly could demolish the fleet. But would they help us, or unleash their fury in our direction instead? Jo’Rak and Yngvar accompanied me on this mission. We journeyed to the Throat of the World.

Parthenex instructed my actions, leading me into a reverie of sorts, where I blew the horn that called forth the dragons. Shouting the words he gave me upon their arrival, I felt the entire mountain shake as the dragons came forth. Arriving from every direction they flew to the Throat of the World. I wondered what the townspeople in Whiterun and Iverstead below were thinking as they witnessed the sight! Parthenex showed the dragons a vision of the past to encourage their cooperation – of Thalmor calling forth Alduin, the mightiest of dragons, to do their bidding and wage destruction on the world. This angered them as they had no knowledge of this treachery. They were more than willing to join forces and help us destroy the Thalmor fleet.

Riding Parthenex to the sight of the battle, while Jo’Rak and Yngvar rode the back of Na Falar, I marveled at the sights below us. Over vast lands, sand dunes, and the sea we flew with our army of dragons, finally soaring and swooping to attack. Fire and frost were our weapons and the fleet suffered unimaginable losses. Ships disappeared into the sea as shouts from below signaled dismay and death. We were victorious and circled the site amid dragon roars as the battle came to a close. The dragons flew off when there were no more Thalmor to devour. Parthenex and Na Falar delivered us safely to rejoin our party. It was a time I will not soon forget.

Much is owed to the assistance of our wild and powerful allies. We remember the loss of a dozen of them with gratitude in our hearts. We'll not be able to call on them again, but we hold onto hope as we arrive this day in Sentinel with tales to tell, and meet our friends for the celebration of Dirij Tereur.

Riala Rindalore
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