Riala's Journal #30
The Journal of Riala Rindalore
War and Hope: Loredas, the 30th of Hearthfire, 4E 206

War continues to unravel around us all, and as it does we find ourselves greeted with discoveries and revelations unimagined. Danger and death both lie in our path and seem to threaten our every move. But as we pursue hope for the empire the divines seem to be with us, leading us to uncover the movements and plots of our enemies and discover new ways to strengthen our stand against them. Ever since the discovery of treachery by the Thalmor toward the Emperor so blatantly displayed and, thankfully, thwarted at the wedding in Solitude, we have known that full war was upon us, and it seems we are on a desperate race to fortify and strengthen our ability to prevail. So our party continues to travel and fulfill our duties, large and small, facing whatever unexpected challenges come our way. Our tasks send us off from each other from time to time, but always we return to share information and join together in our efforts.

I left my party recently while on their way to travel from Markarth to Dragonstar. There is much information to gather and share with the mages of the empire, so frequent visits to the College of Winterhold and the Mages Guild seem to be in order. No doubt they will have a significant role to play in the war. We have secured two of the three Greater Welkynd Stones needed to gain access to Battle Spire. These are kept by the mages in a secure location. In addition, I also relocated Kalarus’ sigil stone to the care of Tolfdir for safe keeping.

Upon my return to the company after my most recent excursion I found myself joining the party near a cave entrance. The area was strewn with bodies shot with unusual arrows…topped by blue glass arrowheads. We’d not seen anything like it before and wondered who the assailants could be and whether we would encounter them. Our guide, Julag, then led us onward… a hazardous journey fraught with ice wraiths and dangerous crevasses, but no enemies as of yet. As we set up camp for the night Yngvar and Julag scouted around and took notice of campfires in the distance. Jo’Rak used his special abilities to spy on the camp, leading to incredible happenings and revelations. The camp was peopled by Thalmor and creatures that seemed to be, from Jo’Rak’s description, the blue-skinned snow elves of ancient legend! Furthermore, he reported that the two groups were meeting to discuss alliance, but some conflicts between them were evident. In the conversation it was further revealed that it was the blue elves that caused the wave of magick that nearly destroyed Winterhold, an occurrence that was often blamed on the mages over the years. Jo’Rak absconded with some undisclosed wealth I’m sure, but also returned with an artifact in hand, one in which I can sense extreme magick. I wonder what this artifact is and if it could be made use of in place of the Greater Welkynd Stone we have been searching for? These questions must soon be brought to the mages and discerned. Any use of powerful magick must be carefully coordinated for optimum effect and minimal risk. An accidental misappropriation of power could cause untold calamity, and hinder the cause of the empire. I will carefully consider the purpose of this new artifact. I have every hope that, with the careful use of the gifts we’ve been given, and the grace of the divines, our quest to aid the empire will succeed!

Riala Rindalore
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