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How Time Flies
So who made PO1...
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This Guy!!!
oh shut up lol... i dont take first class till sep.. and right now CEs have a crap advancement for 1st... gratz
Haha, Here's how much it means to me. I took leave the week of the test, planning on coming in and taking it. The day of the test, I woke up, sat up in my bed, thought about it for a second, and promptly went back to sleep. Not really tired, or weak, just not really feelin it, lol. September for sure, lol. Good on ya bro.
Congratz bro, hope ur better than suzuki
I took it almost as a joke, I hadn't had a chance to study seeing as I was Iraq up until just a few months prior to the test...then there was getting back in sync with the family, training as a reporter, and visiting my extended family...basically it was an excuse to get out of work for the day (testers were ropeyarned!!!).

I'm Glad I made it, but I'm not sure it matters...I'm on the fence again about whether I'm gonna stay in long term.