Okay! So, I'm trying to plan the trip out to where I can fly back via a flight service for personnel on orders that military can get seats on if the plane isn't full up. It leaves here (Misawa) every Saturday and goes straight to Seattle. The trip I've planned so far is Seattle to Augusta for 14th-24th of Auguest, and then off to Salt Lake until that next Saturday, to catch a ride back to Misawa. My girl is in SLC. This is basically gonna be the best vacation ever.

That being said, I was wondering what days of leave you're taking for this Dave. If you're taking two weeks to chill and play D&D, I'd like to stick around and hang. Also, if I have to extend my vacation to another Saturday, it'll give me more in SLC. But I don't want to just take the extra time and be a heel around your house, lol. So gimme da scoop homes!
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Shit, I'm probably gonna take the whole month of August off...

Kristin says your welcome to stay as long as ya like, but you'll have to pull your You can be expensive to feed...