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How Time Flies
An update!
So, Looks like I have solid RSVP's from Henry and Emmanuel. I haven't heard from Matt or Dustin in a bit and Johnathon is a sure thing if he makes it back in time. Ryan is still way up in the air, mostly cause he won't respond to my emails...

I have been busy. Between traveling all over the eastern half of the US for training and prepping to play in Emammuel's game while in MD, I have been creating some pretty crafty dungeons and a series of fleshed out NPC's. Some more valuable than others...so seeing me fish out a fact sheet on someone doesn't make them vital, it just means I thought it would be cool to have real people for you to interact with rather than "Joe, the human blacksmith from Ardev."

In that same vein, is everyone still happy with their characters as written. There have several sourcebook releases that may have changed your mind. I am still very open to the idea of an evolving character concept... I'm not gonna bust out the chisel and stone until you get there and we finalize characters onto paper. I just want you guys to have an idea of what yo want to do before you get here so we're not hunting for feats and debating powers on the first actual game day.

Speaking of Game Day, people are welcome to arrive a few days early and stay a few days after if it makes it easier or vastly cheaper to do so. Just don't show up a week early or nothing...3 or 4 days should be plenty. Also, because I can't seem to find where I set the start and end dates, I am pretty sure they were for 16-23 AUG. That is one week. If everyone can stay another day or so...Awesome! If not, no biggie.

Also don't forget that I'm gonna need the Entry Fee sometime in July so I can start stocking up on supplies and food. I guess that is pretty much everything!

BTW...The dungeons are gonna be awesome!!! Especially with me having a solid story element for them to fill...
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rofl thought we where tring for later with me not leaving here till 13 aug.... lol no worrys might be acouple days late... or maybe seeing how the command is trying to help me and get me out of here on July 30th... that makes me happy... other than that nothing else seems to be different im still been the meat sheil lol..
So 16-23 for sure? That sounds perfect! Need the dates good and totally set by Julyish.