Owl nods slightly as the others fall into line behind him, moving along as quietly as they knew how (which wasn't really quiet). He leads his companions to the bath house front, and strides past the little gasping human. "Y-you can't go in there!" Ignoring him, Owl slows his steps enough for Darius to catch up. A squeaking voice pipes up "I can handle them..." As Nissa rushes forward with a sharp magical gesture. The two door guards crumple to the floor snoring in the same moment.

Handy little trick... Wish I could do that... Stupid little gnomes and their tricks.

Owl rushed through the door, certain that Darius was just a moment behind him. His sword, rarely used, flickers through a slashing back at the nearest thief, drawing blood, but not fatally.

Owl staggers as a trio of boots find home in his body, his armor catching the worst their blows, even as he feels his ribs crack and then promptly begin to scream in agony.

"Where was Darius?!? Where was his stupid oaf of a squire?!? Why did they stop?!? Thrice damned and beleaguered bastards left me in here by myself!"

Owl heaves a breath and lays a hand on his ribs, pouring healing energy into the injury as the same happens nearly every where else in the small chamber as the men set free scramble for the door.

"Shouldn't have let them go. Now they'll backtrack with weapons and ambush us... Soft hearted idealistic....sigh. Time to move on..."

Ngithol and Nissa examine the room and the sigil scrawled across the floor. After they briefly confer, Nissa exclaims "I saw that in a book!" Usefully.

"Owl, what do your Elven eyes see?" Asks Darius. (fucking nothing!) scowling at the room, Owl shrugs. "Looks clear..." Darius moves into the room proper, careful to stay away from the sigil painted onto the floor. "Of for the love of..." owl snaps and steps forward onto the sigil, which causes a freaking tornado to form in the air before him.

"I saw that in a book, indeed. Damned worthless wizard, and ugly... Whatever the hell she is..."


The Vampires move into the room to examine the skulls, chuckling at Darius as they do so. Owl sighs, fingers clenching the manacles tightly as the idiocy is starting to get to him. He briefly considers leaving the lot of fools in here, and running by himself...

But finds his mouth moving, as words pour past his lips. "Alright... I'm tired of this unprepared bullshit. I'm tired of getting hit. And I'm tired of these stinking undead. Come! We're leaving!

Owl gestures sharply at Darius and says "Hau-Däl! Pick a path! You know the challenges each path offers, and the possible rewards with each as well... Do we go for our gear, or just run? I have little in the way of gear and coin, so I do not care either way. Others have more to lose, so I'll let you decide our course... But do so Quickly!"

Owl turns briskly, and addresses the Half-Orc "Sil-Dìn, watch where those undead went too, we don't need them changing their mind and following us out."

Ngithol is his next target, "Gul-Naeaha! Will you help Sil-Dìn cover our rear, and flanks? Be greedy with your flames though, as we still have to escape the city itself as well!"

Knut gets a hearty thump on the shoulder, as Owl points towards Darius "Dín-ral, Your might will likely be needed at the front with Hau-däl, to break any opposition on our way out. Stand with him, and clear out path to freedom?"

Owl moves beside Beshenen and offers the half Elf his hand. "Aín-Sil, we will support whichever group needs it most direly.."

Standing taller than all of his companions Owl stops to look at them each in turn. "I have given you Elven names, and Adopt you into my Tribe as Elven Kin. You shall all be Naïlo-Kin for as long as you wish it, and I do swear on my bow and my life that we all shall escape this stinking hole..."
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Pronunciations, as I understood/created them.
Gul-Naeaha: GULL-NAY-AH-HA