A loss of focus....
Erdan finds himself wandering, letting his feet lead him where they would. When did I let my skills slide? And when did I get to the point of letting a bunch of half elves and humans get the drop on me?!?

A sharp cry cause Erdan to look upwards. A hawk swoops down, it's movements swift and precise. Sunlight glitters off of the hawks wings, blinding Erdan. A heavy rushing of wing and a flapping of winds later, He turns to see the hawk flying off with his quiver, ripped right off of his back.

Not needing an explaination, Erdan sets out after the hawk. Several yards later he notices an arrow sticking out of the ground... And another one just at the edge of his vision. Following the arrows he finds his quiver at the base of a massive tree. The hawk is sitting in a nearby tree, on a lower branch. The bird lets out an ear splitting screech and almost mockingly turns it's back on the elf. Owl collects his damaged quiver and slides the arrows he collected into it. A quick knot, settles the quiver over his hip in easy reach to draw and fire.

"So, Why did you bring me here?" He questions the Hawk. It ignores him, in favor of preening it's feathers busily. "I know you aren't just a common bird! Tell me!" Owl Shouts, losing his patience. The Hawk continues to ignore him, still preening it's feathers.

Several minutes pass, as Owl stares at the Hawk. Scowling, Owl settles in to wait, folding his lean arms over his chest. The mid-morning turns to mid-afternoon. Which gradually faded into early evening before the Hawk finally turns to glance at Owl. Which a screech the Hawk takes off, flapping heavily towards the top of the tree. Owl remains motionless, until an arrow falls out of the sky, landing point first a few feet before him. Owl falls over backwards, startled by the impact. Glancing upwards, he quickly does a double take as he notices the fletching of the arrow. Golden colored feathers tied in place with thread of gold.

His hands trembling, he carefully pulls the arrow free of the soil and carries it back with him as he heads directly to the Temple of the Parient Arrow. As he reaches the temple he is met by a human Sure Shot cleric. "I think... I think I need to speak to Huntmaster Syjem... Could... Would you please ask him if I may have an audience..?"


"And that is when the Arrow fell from the tree, Huntmaster..." Owl shakes his head, staring at the golden fletched arrow still. "What do you... What would you suggest this..." His words trail off as he once again looks over the head of the arrow, simple stone that broke with the impact of the ground, and yet somehow seems to reflect the striking beak of a diving hawk.

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Seeing as Matt and Dan left notes for what is going on with their characters I shall as well. Erdan is feeling rather lost. He didn't realize how lax he had been growing in regards to his skills. At one point in his life he was incredibly skilled at tracking and hunting. At least until he discovered the vice of the city life, and taking things by a much easier route. Small crimes and petty theft. So he is looking for a direction. Should he abandon his life of crime and become dedicated to his craft once more? Or should he abandon his way and accept the life of crime that he has found, and continue to take the easy route?

The Hawk is the holy Symbol for the Temple of the Patient arrow. And the silver or golden arrow is a typical sacrifice (along with fresh game). Each temple has it's own falconry set up, though usually with only a singular hawk. I don't know if this temple has a hawk...

Maybe bringing back this arrow can help him find his direction. And maybe it also isn't all that simple.
Syjem welcomes Erdan into the aerie where he is training his personal falcon, Wendy. He listens intently to Erdan's story and quietly thinks for a time before responding, "Well, my friend, you do seem as though you want to be on a better path. I find that commendable and with promise that you can find the way. You seek my council, yet I am far too young to be providing you with wisdom. Your skills aren't your failing, it is your faith. You have chosen an easy path because you lacked faith in your skill and sought to use it against those weaker than you. But the only way to become better is to push and challenge yourself. That is why you fall behind your comrades, regardless of the shape of their ears." He chuckles at that last part before continuing, "You need a challenge worthy of yourself. Our aerie has been lacking of late, most specifically with regard to our eagle riders. Seek out and capture a young golden eagle and bring it back for rearing and training. Good luck, as they are exceptionally wild and their mothers do not take kindly to losing one of the flock. And no harm can come to the captured or its family. I believe you are up to this task and will enjoy the reward of doing something for another without compensation".