Thrice damned idealistic idiots.
Well. This should be fairly simple. Find the people. Stick them full of holes, and come back to get ours. Too bad I'm with a bunch of goody two shoe wanna be's. That damned paladin is a blood thirty one, though he pretends to have ideals. What a waste. He could be glorious if he just gave up his stupid ideals. Idiotic human....

Owl turns to face Darius and offhandedly asks "So... What is our plan with these guys? Are we just going to kill them, or what?"

Stupid loud humans. They smell funny. Jerks. Not even getting paid for this job, but I suppose it's worth it if that slab of meat gets his eye back. A blind bruiser isn't any good, I suppose...

An explosion of light slams into the big human and Owl ducks, right into an arrow. Drawing his bow, Owl hits the ground, cursing under his breath as he tries to catch his breath.

Haha, well, at least we don't need to worry about that diplomacy bullshit anymore. Not much can stop our lovely bruiser once he gets all riled up. Pfft. Idealistic idiot, they nearly killed us all before he made up his mind. Gotta work in that. I fucking hate bleeding

Yanking the arrow free, Owl tries to draw his bow, but gasps as his ribs scream in agony. A couple of attempts later, Owl sights on a running archer and looses his first (and only) shot of the fight. Satisfied at seeing his shot connects, Owl doesn't see the return shot strike home. Falling to one side he grimaces.

need to figure out how to unchain that idealistic idiots rage on demand. Stupid talky huma....
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