Post Campaign Activities
There are many things that a Paladin cannot be, idle is one of them. Upon returning to Ravengro Adain made preparations for the funeral services of Father Renn. he was of a different faith but he always aquitted himself with honour and courage, and we all would have perished if not for his sacrifice.

In addition to collecting the books for the university, Adrian offered his services as a Paladin of Ionedae to be a judge for the town. Petty disputes, things to small for the Sherrif's attention. If there were no disputes to oversee Aiden would train the local constabulary/militia in their martial skills so they would be better prepared to defend themselves in the future.

Each end of day Adain would spend an hour in prayer to Iomedae, and then another hour polishing and sharpening his sword, and spending time being social with Elly, and Ezra as much as he was around. Fleet on the other hand was lacking in social graces and was generally avoided
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