Riala's Journal #29
The Journal of Riala Rindalore
Abomination: Fredas, 6th of Hearthfire, 4E 206

The abomination, Krozhildilon, is no more! Once in the Reach we fought our way through Foresworn, briar hearts, hag ravens and giants, entering an underground Dwemer ruin below a tower. When finally we neared the cavernous lair our nostrils were filled with the stench of scorched remains. And then we heard it, a roar reverberating from the deepest reaches of its dark soul. The sound shook me to the core, filling me with a cold dread. Through the inspiring encouragement of Talan we continued to move forward..…and then we saw it, perched atop a wall, dark and ominous, threatening all who dared come near - the dragon - fierce, undead and powered by a briar heart. Burnt remains were strewn before it and it turned its attention our way, glaring with eyes dark and glistening.

I sensed that it knew not only that we were there but, more specifically, that I was there and it shook me to recall the Greybeards’ teaching; care was to be taken in the killing of dark dragons whose souls must not be absorbed. Duty called me to continue on, to help kill this abomination, and then quickly move far enough away not to let its dark mind enter mine. How would I be able to do this? What distance is safe? Past absorptions had happened apart from any exercise of will on my part, and without warning. I’d not had the opportunity to track the timing of occurrences once the dragons were stilled, and it had been a long time indeed since the last dragon battle. Unnerved, I began to tremble and wanted to run. Suddenly, Jo’Rak lunged forward toward the dragon with a bold barrage of arrows. Startled out of my ramblings of the mind by his decisiveness, I shook off my trepidation and fell into the familiar cadence of battle.

Resolve regained, I cast aid upon all who were near me as well as myself. Ever courageous Talan transported himself directly to the back of the dragon, effectively attacking from behind. I then moved forward and let loose with a fury of lightning strikes. Somewhere along the way I noticed that something was amiss with Yngvar. In his wolf kind alternate state, he had always been able to recognize friends, but this time his eyes had turned fully black and he was heading to attack not the dragon, but Talan. It seemed he was being controlled by the dragon, as was our guide Fenrick. As fortune would have it, Kalarus, the target of Fenrick, also noticed what was happening and, transporting nearer to the dragon, set paralysis on them both. Then, in a rush of magical energy, successfully cast entangle upon the horrid beast as well. The end finally came as Jo’Rak finished what he started, raining arrows to bring on the dragon’s ghastly end and dying roar.

In the quiet moment that followed I was abruptly reminded of my previous dread regarding the dragon’s demise as the air around me began to swirl. Talan quickly interceded, transporting himself between me and the dragon’s wandering soul, repelling its energy with his swords. He shouted for me to run and run I did, safely avoiding the absorption of the dark creature’s mind. Kalarus, happily unafraid of the things of darkness, moved close to the corpse to harvest its briar heart and discovered it also was being powered by a Hist tap root. In spite of Kalarus’ wish to harvest and keep the root, I had to destroy it. Fenrick, once he was released from paralysis and the dragon’s control, was able to convey to us the wishes of the Hist to do so. The Hist will no doubt be relieved and grateful to learn the root has been dealt with. I find I am finally also relieved, and grateful as well, for Talan and our friends. Danger is always so near, but so too, I find, is courage.

Riala Rindalore
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