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A Fateful Town Council Meeting
Ravengro Town Coucil held a meeting to talk about the recent supernatural activity going on. The Splatterman killed a horse, and used its blood to write the letter "E" on the memorial. Footsteps are appearing in soft ground for no reason--I even found wagon wheel tracks showing up beside me on a walk back to Kendra's one night!

The Coucil asked the general attendees what their thoughts were on the subject, and what could be done about it. It seems none of them even know who the Splatterman is, let alone how to solve the problem. These people are in such a panic...it's sad to see. Maybe, I thought, I could calm them down. I left my seat and entered the line in the center of the room to speak to the council.

"Greetings, everyone," I began, "Although we--that is, I and my companions--are strangers to this town, we think we have a solution to your problem."

"You do? What would you do?" Councilman Vashian Hearthmount's cold voice accompanied a skeptical, disapproving glare. Why does he hate us so much? What did we ever do to him?

"We were investigating the Harrowstone Prison," I continued, "and continuing the work of the late Professor Petros Lorrimor." Shouting filled the room; half the people in the room were cheering me on, believing the Professor to be the best chance they had at safety. The other half believe that he's the cause of the problem in the first place, and erupted in angry booing and yelling at the mention of his name.

I must not let them get to me; I know far more than they do, after all. "Everyone here is aware that Harrowstone is haunted, correct? That's not a secret? I won't look like a crazy person for suggesting it?" More yelling from the angry part of the crowd--"Lorrimor caused the haunts, didn't he?!"

I kept speaking, shaking nervously a bit, but maintained composure enough to keep going. "We...we've discovered that the haunts in Harrowstone are growing stronger. There is a force there that wants to break out of the prison--and Ravengro will be his first target." At this, the council members all seemed to pay their utmost attention to me, giving me very concerned looks. I couldn't tell if they believed me or not, but they were very interested in what I had to say now. Vashian, for one, didn't believe me: "And how do you know this is the case?" he asked. I was starting to get annoyed with him at this point, and probably acted less diplomatic than I should have when I responded, "Sir, have you been inside Harrowstone lately?"

"No, I've never been in there."

"That's how I know this and you don't!" I was so nervous that I chose my words rather poorly. But Vashian didn't have a response, and so I was able to keep going...for a moment.

"But don't worry! We have a plan--"

"Well, half a plan, really..."

"Adrian! ...as I was saying, we have a plan. We think...we *think* we can stop this before it grows too powerful. We've already destroyed several of the undead menaces in Harrowstone, and we should be able to eradicate a few more. Once all of the spirits that haunt the prison are gone, the strange happenings in town should stop." The council seemed intrigued by this; none of them really wanted to ask the people of Ravengro to investigate for them, so we were really their best shot. They muttered a few things and looked around at each other, quietly discussing what each of them thought on the matter. But they barely had time to form more than a few sentences when the torches lighting the hall suddenly flared up! The windows to the hall shattered, and two ghostly skulls crashed through them, each one surrounded by flames!

Adrian was quick to his feet, and immediately charged one of the flaming skulls while commanding the townspeople to flee the building. The torches had set the walls and tapestries on fire, and it would soon spread to the whole building!

For my part, I had a spell ready. Now, for cantrips, I prefer Ghost Sound, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Prestidigitation, Light, and Dancing Lights, but today, I just happened to have an offensive spell ready, and it was absolutely perfect for the situation. I pointed my finger at the nearest blazing torch, uttered a command word, and shot a Ray of Frost at it to put it out.

The next few minutes were a blurry rush of panic and quick acting. Adrian engaged the flaming skulls themselves, while Father Renn and I escorted as many people as possible out of the building, calming them down and outright dragging them out where necessary. I wonder what everyone thought of seeing a gnome dragging a human around?

Ezra seemed absolutely terrified the whole time we were doing this--he has a great reason to fear fire--but he fought through it and entered the building, stamping out as many flames as possible. I shot Ray after Ray of icy cold into the center of the flames, preventing them from spreading far. Adrian, after the skulls were crushed, emptied his waterskin onto the fire. Renn, after ensuring the safety of all of the people, aided Ezra in stamping out/beating out the flames. For awhile, it looked as though we would need to flee, and just let the building burn; however, the four of us together were able to put out the entire fire, leaving the building damaged, but repairable. It wasn't all good news, though; two people perished in the fire...we tried, but...we couldn't...

We exited the town hall, no doubt with ash-blackened faces and smelling of smoke. Councilman Hearthmount approached, looking shocked and confused, his facial expressions indicating that he needed to know...

"The fire's out," I said, "completely. The building is a bit damaged, but it should be fine."

Councilman Hearthmount's entire disposition shifted in an instant. "You...you've saved our town hall! You've rescued these people! You..." he took a second to compose himself, and then, in a move that I never thought I'd see from him, looked me in the eye and said, "whatever you need to destroy the spirits in Harrowstone, we'll see about getting you. Come by tomorrow morning to see me."

It seems we are now allies of the Town of Ravengro. I'm sure the Professor's detractors will still hate us, but I'm not going to let that spoil our moment of triumph!

Splatterman, you've lost this battle. Soon, you'll lose the war.
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