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Surface Thoughts on the First Floor
*knock knock*

"Hello! Are you looking for Kendra? You're here to investigate the prison? What a coincidence! We're going there today!"

And that's the story of how the party gained a paladin!

Fleet's not here yet. Should we wait for him? Should we look for him? ...actually, yeah, you're right. He's probably off sticking his head inside a privy or something. But I will miss his delicious nuts!

Anyway, this new guy...Adrian? I think he said he was Adrian The...Shiny? Yeah, something like that. He's here now! We should be all right to investigate the rest of this prison, maybe figure out exactly what the Professor was looking for.

Spider kebobs. I bet they're a delicacy somewhere. These healing drinks probably taste better, though.

Did those handcuff thingies just spring to life? Well, Father Renn seems to have an inelegant, if effective, solution to that problem. What about the straitjacket? You know, this is probably the only time in the history of the world that anyone has ever said, out loud, "Help me, the jacket is attacking". Fascinating...hey, why is Ezra just standing outside the door?

Ezra never takes off that mask of his. I wonder why not? "Hey, Ezra! What's with the mask? ...! Everything's burned...and...and...what horrible things have happened to you?!" ...Suddenly, it all makes sense. Ezra doesn't want to go anywhere near chains, manacles, straitjackets, or even prison cells ever again. He's been so secluded for so long, it makes me want to cry...some day, I'm going to teach him how to read. I bet he'd like that.

Oh, gotta switch focus. What's this? It's white...paper? Snow? A GHOST!? Wait...she's not attacking us, and Adrian says there is no evil here. "Who are you? What are you doing here?" I see. The ghost of the warden's wife, stranded in this place and bound to it for over a hundred years. Between her and Ezra, I'm starting to get a bit unsettled...it's all so sad!

Miss (Mrs?) Hawkran has some information for us. Professor Lorrimor was MURDERED? We thought it was an accident! It happened outside, while he was investigating runes on the walls. Cloaked figures using "foul" magic? You know, we never stopped to investigate anything outside the prison; we just opened the front doors and stepped in. Maybe we should have a look outside, too? Runes sound interesting enough. We'll be sure to come back and talk to, uh, Vessariora? Vess...Ve....uh, Miss Hawkran, some time soon. We'll keep her updated. For now, let's move on.

What? The medical supplies are moving around the room on their own. Where is the spirit controlling them?! Father Renn, do you have any ideas? I agree; we aren't ready for this. We'll come back when we're more prepared. For now, let's run!
Session: Haunted Harrowstone - Monday, May 04 2015 from 5:45 PM to 10:15 PM
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