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The Rising Tide
Welcome to Nulb

It took at least three weeks for the heroes to train and clear out the rest of the old moathouse.There had been little news of Lareth the Beautiful and his lieutenants, but whispers had pointed the party toward the village of Nulb, a place of pirates and criminals along the Velverdyva river. The village is about 30 miles from Nulb, and very close to the heart of the old Temple.

Lareth the Beautiful

The paladin wanting to seek revenge on her murdered henchmen hired 15 men at arms and offered to join the party to hunt down the evil cleric and assist with the destruction of the Temple of Elemental Evil. Besides the men at arms, the parties Illusionist hired an assassin to work as an assistant during the first stages of the assault.

The trip to Nulb was uneventful, although the party did witness giant ravens in the woods who seemed to be watching the party.Upon arrival to Nulb Aghanashini (the parties assassin) and Tang went to scope out a local bandits hangout, but unknowingly alerted the village (and Lareth) to their presence. The party met the old woman Scrang and her daughter Murfles. The party had meet Scrang in a dream, but the old woman who prefers to be called "Mother" does not remember the interaction. While most of the party was at Mother's herbalist shop, the Paladin and the Cleric were off trying to get information about Lareth. After trying a bit to hard, the paladin was offered a meeting with the owner of the Hostel, an undesirable man by the name of Dick Rentch. The meeting was to go off later in the evening.

On the other side of the village Bort and a few other members of the party head over to the Boatsman's Taven to buy clothing and ask questions. Upon leaving with robes and cloaks in hand the party sees one of Lareth's lieutenants in the small tavern and return to the rest of the party to regroup and report.

The party decided to send the men at arms in disguise to the tavern to spy on Lareth's men while the paladin talked with Dick over dinner. This was all a trap. The paladin pulled out of the meeting with Dick and headed to the Boatsman Tavern to meet up with his people.The party found themselves surrounded in the tavern and the pirate lord Tolub set an assault around the building to keep them inside. The party managed to escape, half their henchmen dead, and the paladin broken in two by the pirate lord in an attempt to hold off the hordes of evil pirates.

As we ended the last session the party were running for their lives in the dark.

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