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The Evil Abbey
We journeyed back to the town with the white Weretigers. They kept the hamlet busy while we continued on toward the monastery. At last, we came to the foot of the endless stairs. I took this time to cast a number of spells on Thotham and me, including stoneskin, freedom of movement, barkskin, and air walk. We made our way up the steps, only to find that several monks were positioned on the walls with crossbows. As I was wildshaped into a dire bear, I was able to keep up with Thotham as we stormed the entrance. We eventually broke down the gate and entered the complex. Fighting our way past several squads of hostile monks, we worked our way toward the inner sanctum--where the grand master and his bodyguard waited for us.

I'd come up with a different plan of attack. I was hoping to catch our enemies by surprise with a transmute rock to mud spell, immobilizing them. As we broke into the main hall, our plan went awry instantly. There was a 20' pit just inside the doorway. I was able to jump to the side and avoid falling, but Thotham plunged down into the trap. Lilli and Zephar were therefore stuck in the doorway on the other side of the pit. This was not a good beginning to what we knew would be the toughest battle of our lives.

Just as I'd hoped, all of our opponents were grouped together around a central dais and altar. In addition, several monks were chained down on the floor around the Rakshasa and his allies. But before I could launch my spell, the Weretiger Lord bounded across the room, leaped and spun in the air to bring down his greataxe upon me! I took a grievous wound, but was still in the fight. My polar bear leaped across the pit even as Thotham jumped out, but we were set upon by four of the evil monks. I cast my rock to mud spell, trapping the Rakshasa and two monks in the heavy sludge.

Meanwhile, Thotham was already engaging the other two monks in combat while Lilli cast a mass cure moderate wounds to heal me and the others. The two trapped monks took some valuable time to haul themselves out of the mud, but the Rakshasa stayed where he was, content to launch spells. I then played the second half of my gambit: I cast transmute mud to rock in an attempt to permanently trap our enemy in the stone floor, but he managed to dodge the hardening rock and continue the battle. That was a costly use of two of my most powerful spells. On a more positive note, Zephar gave us haste to quicken our step and improve our ability to attack.

The Weretiger Lord kept trying to kill me, so I used air walk to float to the ceiling beyond his reach. I cast both of my dehydrate spells at him, but he resisted easily. Meanwhile, Lilli targeted the Rakshasa with assay spell resistance to weaken his resolve and then blasted him with banishment. Unfortunately, he withstood the magical attack. By now, Thotham and my bear had slaughtered three of the monks, leaving just one to harass our group. But the Rakshasa was not done: he cast confusion on Thotham, weakening his effectiveness to a massive degree.

Desperate, I took the time to cast my final spell: summon nature's ally. When I was done, a huge stone elemental appeared on the Weretiger Lord's flank and began to pummel him. Lilli tried again to neutralize the Grand Master with a dismissal spell. It worked and the Rakshasa vanished instantly!

With only the Weretiger Lord and one monk left, we pressed our attack. Even though he was confused, Thotham was still able to fight and hammered at our opponents when he could. I came down from the air and aided the melee. While my bear finished off the last monk, Zephar cast Tasha's hideous laughter on the Lord, but he resisted the effect. Still, we were able to vanquish him without much difficulty.

We freed the remaining monk prisoners, who were strangely upset about some of their comrades perishing in my rock to mud spell. Ignoring my remarks about "collateral damage," they insisted that we travel farther down the pass to investigate rumors of a band of frost giants gathering in an old hall...
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