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The Deadly Pass
Having passed the Rite of Battle Fitness, Redbeard summoned us to his throne room. He asked that we go on a mission of vital importance for him: to investigate the mountain pass to the south. It seems that caravans have been disappearing, disrupting trade. And if he is to invade the south, he must be sure that the pass is safe for his armies. He has heard rumors that creatures known as Yetis have been waylaying the merchants.

We agreed to look into it and headed south. It took us a few days to get to the pass, but the only incident on the way was an encounter with two Troll Hunters. Luckily, we dispatched them quickly.

Once in the pass, we had other dangers to overcome. A sudden avalanche almost engulfed us, but we managed to avoid its deadly progress just in time.

Finally, we arrived at the small frontier town midway through the pass. A forbidding-looking monastery overlooked the hamlet from the crags above. We entered the town and explored the modest community. People had heard about the missing caravans, but knew little else. When asked about the Yetis, they merely shrugged.

We settled in at the tavern for the evening. At some point in the night, we noticed a group of three people (two men and a woman) who were staring at us. Thotham got up to talk to them, but they rebuffed his overtures with brusqueness. They left the inn soon after, but they were not done with us. Flaming missiles came in through the windows, setting the common room on fire! I cast my quench spell to put the conflagration out (however reluctantly), but the room continued to burn.

We fled the building, only to walk right into an ambush! Three white-coated Weretigers lay in wait. One of them peppered us with arrows while another slashed me to ribbons with a sword. The encounter happened so quickly that Zephar lay unconscious and the rest of us were badly wounded before we could even counterattack. While Thotham laid into them with his swords, I cast my frostfell slide spell, which enabled me to teleport away. I healed myself and summoned an earth elemental to aid in our defense. As we came charging back through the blizzard, however, the Weretigers (wounded by Thotham) were already retreating.

The next day, we healed up and journeyed to the monastery. The Grand Master, shadowed by a giant of a man, offered the use of his library to help us research these Yeti creatures. We found little information on the mysterious beasts, and began to formulate another theory: the white Weretigers were the ones attacking the caravans!

We wind walked to the town south of the pass, where Thotham purchased a silver bastard sword (to penetrate the Weretigers' resistance to normal weapons). We returned to the pass and followed the trail of the white creatures. After a long journey through the mountains, we came upon two of them ransacking a wrecked wagon.

I cast stoneskin and barkskin on Thotham even as the two monsters turned to engage us. Zephar cast haste on all of us to enable us to move better in the snow. Swiftrunner drew his new sword and rushed to attack. I then cast buff spells on my bear as the battle began in earnest. One of the Weretigers closed with us and pounced on Zephar. The other rained arrows on me, but my own stoneskin spell helped me resist most of the damage. In turn, I cast entomb on the archer even as our elf continued to heal us. With the archer safely enclosed in a block of ice, Thotham, my bear, and a hound archon (summoned by the elf) surrounded the other Weretiger and pummeled him into submission. He surrendered.

They led us to their camp, where they revealed the truth: they were not the ones attacking the caravans, it was the "monks" in the monastery! They are also Weretigers, except for the Grand Master--who was a Rakshasa. They gave us a blessed spear to aid our efforts to vanquish the monks. We promised to return to the monastery the next day and confront the evil creatures...
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