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Tyranny of Dragons
Session #1 Recap - Greenest in Flames
The story begins with a caravan travelling to Greenest. Sundown was fast approaching when caravan topped a rise and saw Greenest in the distance a few miles away. However instead of the pleasant, welcoming town that was expected, the party sees columns of black smoke rising from burning buildings, figures running about in panic and a dark, winged shape wheeling low over the keep that rises above the center of the town. Greenest is being attacked by a dragon!

With no cover to speak of from a marauding dragon, the caravan decides that the best chance of survival is to get to the cover of the streets of Greenest. The most intrepid among them rush ahead of the caravan, hoping to help the good citizens of Greenest where possible.

After battling their way through some kobolds and raiders in the outskirts of Greenest, a family of humans dash out from between some buildings right through the party. Nipping at their heels is a pack of 8 kobolds, when the young mother of the family, Linan Swift, turns to make a stand with a broken spear and shield, determined to delay the draconic beasts for as long as possible so that her injured husband and small children can get away. The party springs into action, but the kobolds fight ferociously. The kobolds use their instinctual pack tactics to bring down Silk and Linan Swift, but the party is victorius behind the arcane assault of Kosh and stalwart Thorin Oakenshield on the front lines. Sadly one of the young children did not survive, as the cowardly kobolds went straight for the easiest target. Phil McCrauch quickly pulls out his disguise kit and dresses the children as kobolds and the party makes their way through the streets to the keep, convincing most of the raiders that there is better looting elsewhere.

At the keep, they are summoned by Governor Nighthill and Castellan Escobert the Red. They offer the party gold to assist in the defense of Greenest. The party decides to start with clearing the Old Tunnel in order to gain stealthy entry and exit into the main keep. Using the key provided by Escobert, the party was able to clear out some rat swarms in the tunnels, but discovered some raiders approaching the outer entrance to the Old Tunnel. The party quickly suprises and brings down the two cultists leading the group, as Thorin advances deep into the ranks of kobolds. He manages to hold their attention while the ranged assault of Phil, Kosh, and the Unnamed Wanderer is able to thin the ranks until the party has the upper hand. Some kobolds try to flee, but a crossbow bolt to the back of the neck by Kheldar ensures that the Old Tunnel will not be discovered this day.

Returning to the keep, the party is faced with a difficult decision... to save the mill from arson or to attempt a bold rescue mission for dozens of townfolk barricaded in the Temple of Chauntea. After some quick deliberation, the party votes that the human lives are more important than the primary food supply for the town. Led by Silk and Phil, the party stealthily ambushes the group of cultists and kobolds attempting to set fire to the rear of the temple. They are able to lead the townsfolk to the mill safely, in hopes of also saving the mill, however upon arrival, the keen senses of the Granola Groper Unnamed detect a trap laid by the raiders, hoping to lure the adventurers into an ambush. Thorin quickly herds the townfolk through the Old Tunnel into safety at the keep.

Nearing sunrise, as the raiders appear to have taken all they can carry, a massive seven foot tall humanoid covered in blue scales steps out in front of the keep and issues a challenge: "Defenders of Greenest! This has been a successful night, and I am feeling generous. Do you see these four pitiful, useless prisoners? We have no need for them, so I will trad them back to you. Send out your best warrior to fight me, and you can have these four in exchange." Langdedrosa Cyanwrath paces waiting for the champion of Greenest. One of the defenders in the keep, Sergeant Markguth recognizes the hostages as his sister and her children and immediately volunteers. The party is able to convince him that one of them would have a better chance. The party decides that Thorin Oakenshield has the best chance in this one-on-one battle. Phil inspires him with an instrumental version of a dwarven battlesong, as Thorin composes a letter to his next of kin in the case that he does not return...

The battle is fierce, with the half-blue dragon standing almost twice as tall as Thorin, with a greatsword to match, but the dwarf shows remarkable resilliance. Not known for his nimbleness, Oakenshield is able to dodge a few lightning breaths, and deflect the arcing swings of the beast's greatsword for several rounds, while getting a few solid attacks through it's scalemail and natural scales. But in the end, the opponent is too much for Thorin alone, and he falls unconscious. In a suprising show of mercy and honor, the dragonborn chooses not to deliver the coup de grace and walks away, declaring that the dwarf fought with honor, with a slight hint of respect in his voice. While medical teams tended to Thorin, the raiders left town and headed southeast within the hour. Greenest seemed eerily silent, with only the remaining crackle of burning fires filling the still night.

In the morning, the party is tasked by Governor Nighthill to perform some reconnaissance on the raider's camp, to determine if they will attack again, and who their leadership is. As the party is about to set out, they are approached by an injured monk Nesim Waladra, who urges the party to search for his master Leosin Erlanthar, who he believes can shed much light on the recent attack. He believes that Leosin either attempted to infiltrate the raiders as they left, or was captured and carried off by them. The party reluctantly agrees and sets off in pursuit of the raiding group.

The party, again led by the stealth of Silk and Phil, were able to ambush some stragglers and learn from them to be wary of the rearguard ambush further up the road. With this knowledge in hand, and feeling emboldened by the experience learned defending Greenest, the party discovers the rearguard ambush and takes them off guard. Using his newfound abilities to shapeshift into powerful woodland creatures, the ambushers above are completely overwhelmed by the 400 pound wrecking ball of teeth, razor sharp claws, and thick furry hide that is the Unnamed Wanderer. Kheldar stealthily dispatches the other ambushers at the top of the canyon, while the rest of the group press through to assault the main rearguard. Without their support from above, the rearguard is forced to cluster into a tight formation to prevent the party from advancing, but they did not expect gouts of flame to spew from Kosh Everlight's hands, devastating the entire front line of defenders in an instant. The exposed acolytes in the rear quickly fall to Philip Augustus McCrauch III's and Thorin's melee assault, as their robes offer no protection. The party learns more of the whereabouts of the raider's camp, and takes shelter in preparation for infiltrating the camp in the morning.

OOC: Great session guys, I really missed having the gang all together for some gaming. Hopefully it will go a bit smoother next time, but I'm pretty happy with how much we covered considering we had to make characters and learn how to play. Let me know what you guys think, and what we can improve. I'm loving all the in character posts too, keep it up! Hopefully with more time to prepare in the future, I'll be able to work more of your back stories into the campaign. I started working on the Wiki too, so if you need a refresher on a character or location or what not, check there. Epic Words will automatically link journal posts to wiki entries if you use the full name of the person/place.

Session: Game Session - Saturday, Aug 23 2014 from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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