Agent Johnson's Tale-- Part Two
Its a nice school. Real top notch, if you ignore the fact that we’re educating Hitlers alongside the Galahads. Still, these supers tend to be a closed bunch. They don’t give away each other’s secret id’s or rat each other out.

Sure they turn the bad one’s over to the police or the SOC when they can, but a lot of times they just have their fights in the alleys or on rooftops or in third world countries without extradition and they stop the bad guys but don’t catch them. Hell, before the SOC separated from the CIA, we had a half dozen reports of Century meeting with Benjamin Bale without any violence. They had dinner together at least two of those occasions.

The point is that they police their own.

So when I got to the school and started having a look around, I was already sure that the Challengers were launching their own investigation. The reports on these kids suggest that they’re like pit bulls. Once they sink their teeth into something, well, it gets dragged kicking and screaming into the light.

It didn’t take much, really, to put them to work for me. Hey, I only want to make sure that a murder gets solved. If I can pin a name to the crime I might be able to sleep better.

* * *

Destructor’s “daughter” was pretty easy to get moving. One of the side effects of Bale's is an ego the size of a dump truck. I just sort of implied that I was faced with a scientific problem that I couldn’t solve, that normal science couldn’t solve. Worked like a charm.

I made several references that this was an ongoing SOC investigation to cover my ass, but I never actually told her not to talk to anyone outright. She would talk, and the Challengers would be on the case. Outside chance that the Young Allies might put themselves on the case, but the Challengers MO suggests they won’t leave it alone.

That’s why I didn’t let Jerry come out here. He likes to micromanage. He’d be all over these kids with the whole “stay out of the SOC’s way while we solve this crime” shtick. Don’t get me wrong, Jerry’s a good agent, but he doesn’t do well when the players operate at this level. In the culture.

And god damn, but I’m gonna burn in hell, she’s what..? Sixteen? Sixteen didn’t look like that at my high school…
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