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I heard the Call of Ktulu
I had a dream once...

I wasn't me. I had a strange name, "Tommy Stone," as did Ryden, who I called "Franklin Hale." We were contacted by some strange magical device chained to the wall, from which the voice of Thomas Kimble told us that his uncle's books had been stolen. His uncle had been missing for over a year.

We went to the state of his uncle, Douglas Kimble, which Thomas had in turn inherited. It was a strange building, its architecture elegant and "classical" to the sensibilities of my dream-self, yet I feel as though it had strange flairs that were somehow futuristic and bizarre. Regardless, we found several clues that suggested Douglas hadn't disappeared, but instead had joined some ghoulish cult living beneath a nearby cemetery. The stolen books and the signs of fresh grass and dirt suggested that something was coming into the home secretly at night, collecting things that only had value to Douglas himself.

We soon discovered that it was Douglas himself, as he broke into the house in the middle of the night and stole more books. But before we could identify him, he fled, and when we gave chase, the strange not-Mazian that I was used some kind of staff of explosive power and fired it at the fleeing figure, mortally wounding him. That's when we turned him over, to discover it was Douglas...

...but in horror and disgust, we found that Douglas had been mutated by foul magics or devilish curses, and had become some kind of horrifying, insect-faced monstrosity. Yet, defying all reason, it still had retained its love of books, and was swiping them and taking them to its cemetery lair.

As we tried to wrap our minds around the horror before us, shadows rose up around us, and engulfed us, until all was black. We soon awoke, imprisoned in a temple that sought to cleanse our minds of what we'd seen, but employing terrifying, painful magical tactics and torturous devices to do so.

This was no dream...it was a nightmare!

I awoke screaming. It took several long minutes for me to gain my bearings, to realize I was safely at home in Hommlet, another day in the tutelage of Burne as I learned to control fiery magics and deadly spells. I lost myself in my studies that day, hoping beyond hope that it would allow me to forget that terrible nightmare.

But it haunts me still...
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