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In the margins of Mazian's Spellbook
Back to the Moathouse! Gathered maps on earlier pages; we've got at least three paths yet to explore (one hallway, and two stairways notably heading further down).

(After a few pages of new spells)
Got these new spells from Burne! Can't wait to learn to cast them.

(On a blank page)
I don't know what happened. Keep going over and over it, but I don't see what went wrong:
- Headed down the path to Moathouse
- Didn't take a wrong turn...
- Night still fell upon us after we were surrounded by a heavy fog
- We couldn't see anything; now the swamp is worse
- Far more water, and humid as if in the southern Jungles I've heard of! We're gonna get crotch-rot for sure if we stay in the water
- A single raft*, wooden, big enough for all of us
- There's something else in the water now
- We want to camp...but do we have the time?

*I half expected a scythe-wielding skeleton in hooded robes to be the oarsman! But nope, just a long pole; no skeleton(s) in sight.
Session: Game Session 44 - Wednesday, Jul 30 2014 from 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM
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