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Veterans of the Last War
Session Four - The Road to Six Kings
The Ravens set out from Sharn by airship to the border city of Ardev. From Ardev, the group traveled overland with the goal of reaching the goblin monument of Six Kings before the Kech Volar.

Along the way, the group encountered Emerald Claw Scouts and Turakbar Raiders from Droam, survived an ambush by the main Emerald Claw force, and defeated Kech Shaarat goblin warriors who were also searching for the Ashen Crown.

Arriving at Six Kings, the Ravens encountered the Kech Volar and were able to convince them that the two groups should work together. The goblins challenged the Ravens to Amalorkar, or ritual combat, to prove their worth as allies. The Ravens easily won the contest and both groups set off into the dungeons below Six Kings.

Two fragments of the Ashen Crown are supposed to be located within the dungeons of Six Kings. The Ravens and the Kech Volar split up, with the Kech Volar using an ancient obelisk to transport themselves deeper into the dungeon.

The Ravens set off to explore the nearby area of Six Kings dispatching two groups of undead before withdrawing to rest and recover, no closer to finding the next fragment.

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