Beginning of the attack
The journey to the goblin's lair was short, they were only 6-7 miles away from Sandpoint, barely 3 hours travel. It's a wonder they'd remained hidden, but after we arrived, it became less of a wonder.

Thistletop had a very very apt named. It was a jutting promontory, basically a small cliff plateau on the coast. And it was covered in thistles. Literally covered. And with the constant sea spray from the coast and cliffs, the area was soaked. So much for having Namid (that's the efreeti) simply torch the whole place the ground.
*sigh*, Nothing is ever easy.

Oh well, simply means it be more fun and I'll get some exercise after spending a week with high strung nerves. We began to move in, through what were basically carved tunnels, short of course, for the goblins. I fit fine, but the others needed to stoop and that's going to cause issues in combat.

Speaking of combat, it didn't take long. Some goblin, using a magic I haven't seen yet, moved through the bushes and thistles like air, stabbing Seraph and hiding again. The little coward refused to come out, so in our attempts to get him out, we basically alerted the entire promontory. Between Seraph's spells, Lumalia's spells, and the efreet's innate magic, we killed several without actually seeing them because of the area of effects, and the rest we either ran down as they tried to escape, or killed as they tried to attack.

Then Seraph, moving to try and get a better angle for different spell, ran right into 5 goblin dogs. That was... and unpleasant adrenaline rush, seeing her surrounded and by herself like that. Thankfully they didn't manage to land their filthy teeth in her and we cut them down quickly.

I believe now we just need to find the little green asshole hiding in the bushes, and we can move on to the actual fortress, if you want to call it that, just on the other side of the thistles.
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