The calm before the storm
So after we cleared the Catacombs there were some... interesting after times. For a week we remained in Sandpoint, waiting and guarding. Shalelu had found the goblins main encampment, an old Thassilonian ruin she called Thistletop, though we couldn't attack it yet. Hemlock needed to travel to Magnimar to appropriate a larger defense force so the rest of us could actually assault the goblin lair while the city remained defended.

This worked fine, at least as far as we know. We neither saw heard a single a goblin while we guarded the town during Hemlock's absence. A rather fortuitous boon. We should be well rested and ready to assault the goblins, though it does lead to the obvious thought that they'll be quite ready for us as well. At least, if that's what they're preparing, they are goblins after all.

During that wait, a most curious thing happened. A fishermans' son, one of the locals, came to us with a very very old artifact, a beaten up lamp. For some, I'm guessing he might've gotten a tingle or something when he drew it up from the Varisian bay, he assumed it to be magical and dangerous and gave it to me, both for safekeeping and as a reward for saving Sandpoint. Amusing, truly, but useful. Of course, I took one look at it and indeed it was highly magical. A small amount of experimentation later, and it turned out to shackle a genie, an efreeti to be specific.

This efreeti, a young-appearing female, had angered the ruler of the City of Brass. Like my own kind, the efreet consider females as second class citizens at best, slaves and concubines at worst. Now, she'd been punished by being imprisoned in that lamp, and when I accidentally freed her, it hadn't removed the bondage she was in, merely transferred it from imprisonment to slavery. To me, of all people, her rescuer. The irony is not lost, and quite entertaining.

So, due to seemingly sheer luck, I now have an efreeti slave, and a very beautiful one at that. While this brings my total up to two, the efreeti is not Ameiko. She is neither happy nor ambitious, only desiring freedom and revenge. The first is understandable, the second is a waste. I will have to teach her, which will take quite some time... she is very haughty and arrogant for a female efreeti, normally something broken out of their females at a young age. With that said, it will be quite a bit of work, and difficult, but I will persevere. She could be a very great boon as a willing and ambitious servant, not the recalcitrant slave she is now. She must be taught.

Which, sadly, I have not yet had much time to do, only some, before the week was over and Hemlock had returned. With this, we were now free to assault Thistletop.
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