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Mazian's Journal (contained within the margins of his Spell Book)
[picture of a frog standing on its hindlegs, playing a banjo-looking instrument] ...looks like Aurence SHOULDN'T have stopped to smell THAT rose!

He got better, but there's a bunch of this toad-folk running round. Boggybulls or some other froglike name. I thought they ate caravan ponies, but they honestly seem nice enough...

There water's been diverted from Hommlet; looks like a serious effort to damn the river. Big, ogre-looking thing that the Boggybulls don't seem to keen on, either. He's got swordsmen herding dwarven slaves around a fork in the river...what a monster!

Plan of attack: a couple of us go in to free and arm some of the dwarves. Me and the archer hang back and lob arrows and magic missiles at that big ogre-thing!
Session: Game Session #41 - Wednesday, Jun 18 2014 from 10:00 PM to 1:00 AM
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This is a great recap! Hope to see more of these from everyone! Do you want this to be viewable by only you and I?
No, it should be visible to all.
Ok.. Right now it is visible to only you and I... I will change it.. That can be changed anytime... I usually set it to visible to EVERYONE!
I'll make sure to do that next time!