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Reporting to Burne
Mazian sighs heavily, finally catching his breath after having spilled the entire story of the party's adventures beneath the Moathouse.

"I guess, in summary, we took a LOT of this guy Lareth's henchmen, but we don't have a lot to show for it, because he got away with the girls and we only barely escaped with our lives. There's some random equipment back there -- spears, armor, some other weapons -- but there's no telling if it'll still be there when we go back. There's no way we could have left a guard there. Is there anyway Hommlet can staff a small garrison nearby? A regular patrol? We don't want this place falling into the hands of more bandits, or worse, a new army that Lareth raises. Not when it's this close to our town."

Mazian takes another pull off of his flagon, and blinks away the glassy-eyed stare as he fights off the effects of drunkeness.

"I don't want to sound greedy here -- I mean, we're getting a sweet deal with that pay rate for acting as the town's defenders -- but I definitely can't pull my own weight with these guys unless I have some more firepower. This party is pretty rough and tumble...even the boy, at times."

Mazian nods at Burne's response. "Oh definitely. No, I'm not talking about you wasting your power on scribing scrolls for a few weeks just to help me out. That's a total waste of your time! No, I'm thinking an extra set of eyes and ears. A familiar, maybe? And/or maybe a hireling? A sellsword might not be a bad idea. But yeah, mainly a familiar. I think the magical boons such a servitor creature could bring me would be ample power to add to the group, and hell, I know most familiars are animals; this group of folks is all about nature! If you ask the Bard, I'm sure he's slept with just as many Dryads as he's killed Dragons..."

"I guess my only questions are these: If I want a familiar, what can I do -- what kind of spell components can I bring -- that ensure I might get a good one, a powerful one? And also, do you know if there are any sellswords around guarding the Dwarf caravans that might want a different job? Like, say, putting a shield and armor in-between me and any future Lareths and the like?"
Session: Session #40 How to build a house? - Wednesday, Jun 04 2014 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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