Big and Ugly
Dear Mama,

We are trying to get into this maze and we were attacked by 3 demons that look sort of like jackals and some more vampires. I miss evil cultists that attack me in the bath. Those were simpler days.

Flix's spells were a huge benefit as were Mauser's. Thekola, our little Morlock companion, decided to take up healing magic by smashing a jar of ointment on me - it worked, but I had to pick shards of glass out of my thigh after the battle.

[We found composite longbows strength bow +6 on the Urdefhan - I took one]

The passage to their barracks leads into a dirty cave that smells of wet dog and pee with nothing of interest. The entrance to the mazes look like a snake hole - perfectly round - and it is marked with runes. "Spellcraft check on whatever he said," is Flix's response when I ask him if he knows what it means. It isn't his fault, he's just better at the fighting part. He couldn't really read it, but it says something about a game. I remembered what you used to say to me and Kel - "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Then it is fun you can't see. And you have to call the cleric. Again."

The place appears to be filled with traps based on the first hallway - acid pouring from the ceiling from the looks of the marks on the floor. Fortunately it was set off long ago and was no more remaining. Take an acid shower and then be welcomed to enter the arena. These guys are assholes. Apparently this was a contest for slaves because we hear a message that says if we can escape the maze we will be set free (apparently crossing the star on the floor of the chamber activated the magic voice). There are more vampires in here too. They are called Urdefhan. One got away into a catacomb with large raised plateaus where there is another demon (Meladaemon, I think is the right name) and more vampires. That one spell they use makes me thirsty all the time. Drys me out. It makes me really angry.

Thekala has a wand that does all kinds of magic, and at least so far, it has been helping us. He covered the demon in a tarry substance. Later, he caused 2 magical fingers to appear and poke it in the eye, temporarily blinding it. That and the spell Mauser cast that made Gorag glow allowed us to finish him off.

We are resting in an alcove of that large chamber now. I think there is a lot more to finding our way through this maze to get this great weapon that should help us defeat the serpent folk. I hope we win and finish this soon. I miss you and I think I'm ready to come home, at least for awhile. I will try to bring Kel with me.

Session: Drake's Birthday Gaming :) - Friday, May 23 2014 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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