Preparing for the Hunters' Maze
After hearing Eando's tale we decide the best course of action is find this mythic weapon within the Hunters' Maze. Mauser suggests that this may also be our last chance to stock up on provisions before we confront a god... Flix offers to teleport us all back to Eleder to sell some of our collected items and spend our gold. Seems like a good idea!

After we sell off all our unnecessary items we begin shopping for upgrades. Kolgrim manages to find a Belt of Physical Might. Unfortunately, after buying it Kolgrim realizes the increased dexterity won't help him while wearing his armor. I offer to trade him my Belt of Giants Strength as it will give him the same bonus but his belt would work better for me. Flix also picks up a few wands to supplement his spell casting. Mauser tracks down a Headband of Mental Prowess. He also checks in on the church he founded when we first came through. It seems to be doing well and has established quite a following. We decide to donate the rest of our earnings to this church before teleporting back to the Morlock encampment below Saventh-Yi.

When we arrive, Udara welcomes us with a celebration thanks to all the morlocks we helped rescue from the serpents stronghold. We tell him of our plan to create a diversion with an army attacking the serpents head on while we slip in an disrupt the ritual. But first we need a guide to take us to the Hunters' Maze to reclaim a great weapon. Thekola jumps up and offers to guide us. Its strange, he seems to have become much more confident since we last left him. He also now carries a cudgel and seems to know how to use it.

After a nights rest we head to the Hunters' Maze. As we approach the entrance we survey the ruined buildings and an old drainage ditch. These surround a raised section that, as close as we can figure, holds the maze. There appear to only be two ramps up to the top. Before we can investigate further we are attacked by Urdefhan hiding in the ruins. We make short work of these two but more begin attacking from atop the bluff.

Kolgrim and I rush the ramp after Flix blasts it with a Fireball. Once we reach the top however we find something more serious. I'm not entirely sure what it is but it looks like a jackal and immediately fatigues Kolgrim and I. Sadly it's not your typical spell caster so I can't just tackle it. We instead focus on the Urdefhan before ganging up on the jackal daemon. Before we can bring it down however it teleports away. From across the way we can see a flurry of activity at the top of the other ramp. It seems he is calling in reinforcements. And great, there are now 3 jackals...
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