Armoury Updates
Hex would have made the time to update the team on updates to the fire arms in the armory. Hex would have completed the Reaper Mk II automatic pistol. This features a increased rate of fire and slightly shorter barrel for to make it more compact. He also developed a revolver version for Roshan which uses a larger round has greater stopping power.

He added two new types of ammunition:

1. Mercy Rounds - That fire paralytic agent he developed based on one described in the Wraith journals. The agent affects that target in seconds and has enough payload to knock out a horse.

2. White Phosphorous Rounds - Designed for those targets that a regular bullet cannot stop. The target is painted with a burning chemical agent, that can only stopped by smothering. This kind of round is externally damaging and is considered highly inhumane, but if you have to take down a bullet proof guy you have to use something.

(An updated armory document was uploaded to that site).
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