After Action Report Part 1 Nardol 3BG “Harceler”
Members of GR1 were ordered to accompany Drs. McKay and Zalenka to the planet Nardol 3BG. Prior recon of the planet indicated that the planet had been recently culled by the Wraith, but that there had not been any activity in the past few months. Unfortunately the gate was not operational so we were to use the next nearest gate and then travel by “puddle jumper” the rest of the way.

Our orders were to provide security while the doctors worked on the non-functioning gate.

When we approached the planet from space we encountered a large amount of structural debris. Using the onboard sensors, Sh’lar was able to identify the remains of multiple Wraith and planetside vessels. Apparently there was a pitched air superiority battle for Nordal 3BG. Sh’lar was also able to find the remains of several space elevators.

Once we arrived on planet, GR1, under the leadership of Major Bodrov, quickly established a perimeter. From there, we expanded the perimeter to secure greater latitude of operational security.

The main architectural design of Nordol 3BG was masonry with an emphasis on permanence and efficiency. We noticed that most of the buildings had rooftop gardens and soft water collection systems. This, along with the sizable space program, indicated a strong centralized governance to Nardol 3BG. The inhabitants put up quite a fight in defending their planet from the Wraith, unfortunately it appears as though it was all for naught as the entire planet appears to have been culled.

My impression is that Nardol is too passive a moniker for the brave people of this planet. They did not build bunkers in which to hide, nor did they use their gate or space program to flee. No -they did “not go quietly into the night,” instead they organized and fought the Wraith head on, tenaciously, for survival. Therefore I will refer to the inhabitants of Nardol 3BG as the “Harceler” (or “badger” in English).

While on patrol we encountered a number of Wraith drones. At the time we were in an urban environment with multi-storied brick buildings on either side. The members of GR1 quickly took cover and directed fire on the drones as directed by the Major. I entered one of the buildings and ascended a couple of stories to gain a better vantage point on the street battle below. My intention was to provide improved situational awareness for my CO as my training dictated. When I was about to report, I changed my mind. Perhaps it was all the time spent with SSgt. Siniang on the firing range or the Major’s fatalistic voice in my head saying, “more lead on target”, but instead of keying the mike, I picked up my P90 and took a bead on the nearest drone. Three quick pulls of the trigger later, I had felled three drones in rapid succession.

Once the street was cleared of drones, we reassembled, debriefed, and searched the area. Dr. Rennet collected enzyme pouches and engaged in a spirited discussion with Major Bodrov about Lt. Ford. I was happy to have the Major thus engaged as it distracted him from scrutinizing my actions in the proceeding firefight. In the future I will have to clarify my roll in combat with the Major to be sure that my skills are best utilized for the team.

Threat Analysis:

The Wraith drones exercise a limited cognitive application to tactics. They basically shoot and move towards anything they identify as “foe.” This my be useful in future engagements to lure them into established “kill zones.”
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