Episode 3 Part II – Old Hunting Grounds (Haiti)
The game resumes as Roshan and Father Duquesne are investigating the hermitage of the Father Horatio, the murdered priest. They searched the small hut for clues as to his murder. While searching there was some indication that some had proceeded them, hardly surprising given it has been over four months since the murder. They did find many of his clothes there, his books, though no diaries or journals. One item they did find of interest was the pamphlet with union propaganda.
From there the pair seemed to deduce the nature of the trouble, the imprisoned man was a labor activist or sympathizer, named Luis Petit. The Father had somehow entangled with these revolutionaries, how was unclear. The International Fruit labor bosses and military would have wanted to crackdown on any organized labor activity. When Petit was swept up the Father spoke out to petition for him, which made the Father a target. His murder and burning of the Church was an act of suppression. They had no proof but everything in the town supported the theory.

The next steps of their plan were put in place, they would confront the labor boss, but the fear of Justice in him, then learn more about where Petit was by interrogating a Marine and finally begin raising the spirits of the people by making appearances of the Wraith around town. Assuming that the pressure of the people and perhaps the plantation owner Leroy might urge the Marines to surrender Petit without violence.

Sneaking pas Leroy security and night proved a small challenge to the Father and Roshan, the Father donned the Mask once they go to the main house. Walking through the hose the servants scattered as The Wraith walked by them. Opening the doors Leroy froze to terrified to scream for help. “Justice has come for you Leroy, your sins have brought me here, to offer you this choice. Repent you ways and return to these people their dignity and hope that you have enough time to make write all your wrongs. Or die now and face the final Judgment for your sins?” Leroy cried out in terror and begged for his life. Confessing to his crimes and providing more details on the fate Petit.

The interrogation of the Marine merely confirmed what Paul had learned and given the pair the information they needed on the layout of the compound. They confirmed that 1St Lt Sharp was the man who had ordered the capture and interrogation and that he and Sergeant Henson had given strict orders that any communist rebels should be captured and hunted down. That they were both rapidly anti-communist.

The rallying of the people did in fact get the attention of the Marines, but rather then get them to give up Petit, they instead requested support. By the second day an entire Rifle company arrived, along with a new command Captain Weaver. As the game ended the Marines were preparing to start enforcing Martial law on the town.
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