Drow, Drow, and a Beholder

Flamerule 24

What a battle! At least I thought there was a battle. But my memory is fuzzy. As if the journal was never posted. But we were victorious. At least I think we are victorious. Wait, I’m still in this stupid world! We must have lost!!

It’s a beautiful sunrise. As we stand by the gates to Dragonspear fort, the Hand of Torm appears. Serena begins to communicate with the Hand of Torm. There are disciples of Torm that are in the tunnels below and they need to be rescued. Serena is not sure how disciples of Torm got into the tunnels.

Were the captured? No priests of Torm are missing.

The entrance appears to come from stairs to the original Dragonspear Castle.

Durin enters first and we descend to a 20x40’ room with a large opening knocked into the east wall.

The tunnel heads east and is clearly worked stone. We travel for a ways and reach a 4-way intersection and turn north. After a few hundred feet, the tunnel “Y’s”. We head northeast and then Y’s again and we head East. It Y’s and we head south.

We continue and spot an opening up ahead. Teresa, moves forward and hears the sounds of Draw’s talking. She peers around the just as an arrow fires past her head, and then rushes into battle swinging at the first drow she encounters.

Strangely the combat is masked from sound. A spell caster is here! Teresa rushes forth to combat the caster, but is confronted with a holy symbol and must back away and resort to bow. Jason attacks with a tremendous flurry, pummeling a drow to death!

The battle does not last too long before we are triumphant.

The drow came from a small camp off the main corridor.

After traversing through several tunnels we are fired upon again by drow. Deja vu!! We are better prepared for this battle, and make short work of the drow.

The tunnels wind about and reach another small outpost of drow and make short work of them.

Glass jaw Eldin gets scratched in the battle and yells for healing. What a wimp!

As Teresa beheads one of the drow with her vorpal sword, Nick yells out that more are coming down the corridor and they have a beholder with them! Barley reacts quickly and throws a tanglefoot bomb, slowing them down. Brand is able get a fireball off, as does Eldin.

The beholder retaliates with a fireball along with magic missile and lightning bolt. This thing does a lot of damage!!!
The battle is not going well as Nick channel heals for the second time as both Barley and Eldin drop.

Teresa takes deadly aim and pincushions the beholder with six arrows, killing it, and then fires 3 arrows at the remaining two drow before they were able to kill Jason.

Through the three battles we recovered:

5 x Drow
light crossbow
crossbow bolts
2 gold
drow poison

studded leather
light crossbow
10 odd crossbow bolts (cold iron)

6 x Drow
hand xbow
xbow bolts
rapiers (3 masterwork)
light shield
3 masterwork breastplates
drow poison
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Dibs on the drow poisons! I could use those in my experiments! eh eh eh...