The Missing Journal
Kythorn 23:
We arrive at Dragonspear in the morning while the air is cool. The guards welcome us to their camp and give us a tent right outside the walls. The party decides to wait overnight in the tent and go to the tunnels in the morning, and we all go to bed except for the designated watch. All is quiet during the night, until a couple of hours after dusk when there is a call from one of the watchman on the wall. "Trolls!" he calls and the others make their way to the gate. Shortly after, there are multiple figures out in the trees moving toward the camp.
The majority of the party is still asleep, so the watch has a hard time preparing for the attack. As the figures get closer we are able to make out some zombies followed closely by trolls and other larger creatures. The trolls charge the gate and climb over as we deal with the small army of undead. The group cleaves through the zombies as the men deal with the trolls. When the battle seems to be going well when there is a massive bolt of lightning from the trees making a hole in one of the camp's structures. As we look back to its origin, we see a rather similar looking figure. A beholder reveals itself as eldin uses fly to soar above it.
We storm the beholder and it goes down. The rest of the men stop the trolls and the battle is over, and to our surprise it seems this kind of thing happens all the time. The soldiers send us on our way in the morning after some briefing and we head for the tunnels.
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