3-28-14 Dungeon the Final Frontier...

These are the tales of Kolgrim and the Adventurers.
Their Mission: To explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life,gold, and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before!
Journal Entry. Serpents Skull.

After telling the vampires, that the time is right to strike, we depart after we‘ve rested. We decide to venture on back to the island and obtain Ean do Kline’s weapons and gear before we continue clearing out the underbelly for the Serpent folk’s Lair.
Our battle had just ended, so what do we do now? We heal, that’s what I do! Mauser to the rescue!
We head on out down the hall with Juliver, Gorag, and Ean do in the lead. Kolgrim, Flix, and I mosey on after them.
They spot more Serpent folk. Kolgrim and I are Louder!
We find two hand crossbows and random gear. Ean do is ready. Flix wants to leave the party. We make him stay. Kolgrim barges into the room. “It’s just Prisoners right?”
We hear “Snake, its snake!” “There are guards here.”
Juliver “Inspires Courage” and sings a very bad song. Ohhhhhhhhhhh!
Casting “Prayer”, we advance on into the room and defend ourselves!
We are here to free the Prisoners! Saranrae guide us to victory!
Fireball AH! Naga coming into the fight also, this is getting harder! Flix just stands there, sigh…
Gorag flurries of blows and defeats the Serpent folk. I advance casting “Spiritual ally”
Juliver Summons Barbarian allies, how come she hasn’t done this before?
The Naga’s and Serpentfolk continue to attack us!
Casting sunbeam I blast the two Nagas, but one disappears!
Hey where is Kolgrim?
“Solo Kill! Juliver exclaims! Ean do then decides on something and begins freeing the prisoners.
We free Morlocks, they look to Ean do for leadership. Kolgrim talks to Ean do and instruct him on what to say. We save 120 of them! We go on down the hall and encounter more prisoners being held. Before we can begin to free them we run into more Serpent folk and attack once more! Once we defeat them, we then release anymore Morlock prisoners. We save a 100 more Morlocks! We decide to release them as their own unit to stir up some chaos.
One last room we continue to release the Morlock prisoners, but alas more guards are blocking are way! Kolgrim and Gorag quickly dispatch of the two while the rest of us catch up to them. Assistance is applied when the time is right. Ean do begins to release the last of the Morlocks from the cages!
Morlock frenzy! The rush in and overwhelm the two Serpent folk! Another 100 are saved. We go back to the armory and equip the Morlocks, the serpent folk are up there, Charge!
We make it on up the stairs to the upper level and head on out with Morlocks in tow.
At the top chamber we try and make an effort to stop the Serpent folk ritual. A phantasmical Snake/ Blob emerge and the Morlocks advance! It screeches and the Morlocks stutter their attack. We attack it as it advances!
THE Serpent /blob attacks! This is going to be tough! I cast Flame strike and then Destruction, Haza! It successfully hits! Saranrae you are with us today! Praise you! (120 points of damage)

Kolgrim scores a few blows of its own, this is making it possible! He hit it 5 times! Minion attacks and misses. Gorag moves in for the final attack?!!! Haza!
We stop here after the battle to consider our options…
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