Murder in the Castle!
I was sitting in my office going through paperwork, I get a call from my supervisor. It seemed to be pretty urgent judging by the tone of his voice and the way he was speaking. I could not understand much, but I managed to decipher that there were some deaths at Elsinore Castle. When I heard those words I was quick to get on the scene, there were a lot of people there, but there was one in particular standing in the corner crying with his head down. I quickly walked over to him and asked him his name, and before I could even get those words out, he said that his name was Horatio and he would be glad to come in for questioning and could answer all the questions that I had about these deaths.

Once Horatio and I arrived back at my office, we went to the interrogation room and I began my questioning. I just cut right to the case and asked him what all he saw. He proceeded to answer, I saw everything, but first I just want you to know that Hamlet was a really close friend of his, and he might get a little emotional when answering. Told him that was alright and just to tell me everything he knew so that we could get to the bottom of this. We were talking and he started by saying that there was a fencing competition between Hamlet and Laertes. When they were getting their swords, Hamlet just walked over to grab sword, but Laertes looked like he already picked his sword, like he needed to get that particular one. He proceeded to say that Hamlets mother Queen Gertrude began to get excited after the first two rounds and drank a sip of some wine that was intended for Hamlet. Horatio watched her as she began to become woozy and fell to the ground and soon to be her death. Horatio proceeded to tell me that in a sudden burst of anger, Hamlet grabbed Laertes’ sharpened fencing sword and cut his arm.

After all of this, there was still much more to discuss, but I had a phone call that the evidence had arrived back and I needed to come check it out. When I walked to the evidence, I saw that there was a wine glass, two swords, one sharpened and one dull, and some poison. The sharpened sword also had some blood on it. Horatio’s alibi has been confirmed up to this point, but I wanted to get them all fingerprinted just to make sure and clear Horatio’s name.

While the evidence was going in for fingerprints, I proceeded to interview Horatio. When I walked back into the room, Horatio seemed to be really upset but said that he could continue the interrogation. He told me that Hamlet was plotting a scheme to overcome the scheme that Claudius had to have him murdered in England. After this he told me that Claudius had dropped a pearl into Hamlet’s cup of wine that was covered in poison to finally kill Hamlet. The sword that Laertes was using was not just sharp, but it had poison on the end to puncture Hamlet and then let the poison get into his blood. When the Queen went to drink the wine, the king Claudius tried to get her not to drink it, but she proceeded to drink. Then Horatio told me that Claudius said that the wine was poisoned and that it was too late to do anything. Then after all of this happens and Hamlet finds out about all of this, he steals Laertes’ sword and draws blood and the poison enters his blood. The Laertes told Hamlet that he had been. Horatio says that after all of this, Hamlet walks up to the King and makes him drink some of the poisoned wine, then after all of that, Hamlet stabbed Claudius , and Claudius along with Hamlet, Laertes, and Gertrude.

Several hours later, the fingerprints came back, and there were none of Horatio’s prints on anything, so his statement was backed up and Horatio was let go. The case was closed and this case gave me a lot of publicity and I proceeded to get my own firm and now I am the boss and I have all of my best investigators with me.
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I am a detective examining the same case and I was wondering was there any other witnesses's besides Horatio?? Overall, I think we both found significant evidence pertaining to the case and I think it was well put together.
Haratio seems to be honest i do not think he could of committed the murders. Was there autopsy done on any of the bodies to make sure it was poison that killed them or something else?
I agree with your evidence on this case. Also where there any witnesses at the time?
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I agree with the case but I am wondering the same thing, is there proof it was poison and who else was there?
First off, I am highly jealous that you managed to interview Horatio about the case.

Second, you never mentioned Ophelia. Or did Horatio never mention her and Hamlet's relationship? I eagerly await your answer.
To all of you, there were other people at the match, but Horatio seemed to be devastated at the deaths. He looked guilty and needed to be brought in for questioning. the evidence report on the sword came back with traces of arsenic, used in rat poison and can kill a human. And no Horatio said nothing of Ophelia when we talked. Thank you all and I hope this helps you better understand.