Prince Hamlet
Recently, I have been asked to examine the mental health of the diceased Prince of Denmark, Hamlet. This case is very interesting because it involves so much foul play that it is hard to sort through it all. I interviewed Hamlet’s friend Haratio to get the full story of what happened. About a month ago, Hamlets father was murdered and his uncle Claudius seized the throne and married Hamlet's widowed mother Queen Gertrude. Hamlet was currently in college but had to put class on hold due to his fathers death. He came back home to Denmark where his best friend Haratio tells him that there have been sightings recently of his dads ghostly spirit just wandering the halls of the castle. Haratio took Hamlet to see it and Hamlet claims that the spirit is his father's and that it told him that Claudius killed him and that Hamlet should revenge and claim the throne as rightfully so. Hamlet begins behaving erratically the next week or so due to the evidence presented by him. The royal family and Lord Chamberlain Polonious think his behavior stems from his mad love of Polonious's daughter Ophelia, so they hire Hamlets other friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. After spying they realized Hamlet was indeed mad but supposedly didn't love her and requested that she should join a nunnery and wished he could abolish marriage.
A couple days later these actors came into town and Hamlet decided to hire them to perform a play. This play was a reenactment of how Hamlet imagined his uncle killed his father and Hamlet wanted to watch Claudius closely to see if he shows any signs of guilt. The only other person Hamlet shares this information with is Haratio. They began to watch Claudius throughout the play and just after the murder seen in the play, Claudius suddenly stands up and emotionally requests that the play be stopped. Hamlet and Haratio knew then and there Claudius felt very guilty and could not stand it anymore. Hamlet follows Claudius to kill him but finds him on his knees praying to God and based on his beliefs, if he would've killed him while he was praying then Claudius would have went to heaven. So Hamlet restrained himself and went on to confront his mother in her bed chamber. At this point he is contemplating suicide in his head constantly and he feels as if she was linked to his fathers murder seeing as she married his brother just one month after his death. They bicker and argue for quite some time when Hamlet hears a noise behind the tapestry. He suspects it is the King spying in him again so he draws his sword and plunges into the curtain where he finds that is was actually Polonious. For this crime, Hamlet is sent to England with Rosencrantz and Guildenstein. Claudius orders Hamlet be put to death immediately upon arrival but did not tell Hamlets friends.
In the aftermath of Polonious's death, Ophelia goes mad with grief and supposedly drowns herself out by the lake of the castle. Laertes is Polonious's son and had been staying in France but comes back to Denmark in a fit of rage for his father and sisters death. While all that was going on, Haratio receives letters from Hamlet saying he is on his way back home due to pirates seizing his ship. Hamlet also devised a genius plan to swap the letter that Rosencrantz had from Claudius that told the people in England to kill hamlet to a different letter stating to kill Rosencrantz and Guildenstein. On Hamlets way back he encounters a funeral and comes to realize it is Ophelia they are laying down to rest. He behaves erratically after watching Laertes jump into her grave and hold her body one last time. Hamlet claims then he loved Ophelia more than Laertes ever could.
Claudius creates a plan of his own to get Hamlet and Laertes to duel in a fencing match but Claudius is going to sharpen Laertes blade and also put poison on the tip of it. However, if Hamlet wins, Claudius will give him a goblet of wine with poison in it as well. They begin to duel and Hamlet land the first two hits then turns his back to Laertes where Laertes curs the back of Hamlets neck exposing him to the poison.Almost simultaneously, Gertrude takes a sip of the wine in celebration for Hamlet but was unaware of its chemical composition. Hamlet steals Laertes sharpened blade and cuts him with it where then Laertes tells everyone that Claudius poisoned the blade and wine. Gertrude falls to the floor dead and Hamlet plunges the blade into Claudius and makes him drink the rest of the wine as well. Moments later Laertes and Hamlet both fall down dead but as Haratio went to drink the wine to kill himself, Hamlet stopped him and said he must remain alive to tell the story of what happened.
Going souly off of Haratios story, it is hard to state whether or not Hamlet was indeed mad or not. Based on the tragic events that recently happened to his father and possibly soon to be wife, I would say Hamlet is perfectly sane and if I was in his situation I would react the same way. I understand that contemplating suicide is not something a particularly sane person would do but when your constantly lied to and deceived im sure it would make him feel helpness and feel like there was no way out of his situation besides death.
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How did you happen to get all of this information? Just from Horatio? Or did you interview other family members and friends?
I do not agree with you. I have also worked on this case, and I believe Hamlet was insane and he showed many signs of it. I believe Hamlet had Bipolar I Disorder. When someone has Bipolar I Disorder, they are flying suddenly from one idea to the next, they have mixed emotions, and they may also suffer from depression. I believe that Hamlet suffered from all of the symptoms. Hamlet was flying suddenly from one idea to the next when he was trying to decided whether or not to kill his uncle. Hamlet also had mixed emotions about Ophelia. One day he said he loved her and the next he was telling her to go to a nunnery. I also believe that Hamlet suffered from depression. I believe that Hamlet suffered from depression because of his father’s death and his mother marrying his uncle. I believe this because Hamlet may have been contemplating killing himself. Lastly I diagnosed Hamlet with Schizophrenia. When someone is schizophrenic, they may have depression and suicidal thoughts. They may also have bizarre behavior, hear, and see things that are not there such as ghost. Therefore, I have diagnosed Hamlet with Bipolar I Disorder with depressive episodes and Schizophrenia.
You seem to know the whole family background. Who did you interview to get all of this information from, and last I believe Hamlet was a little insane. I am a detective, but I can always tell when someone isn't right in the head. If I were a psychologist, I would say Hamlet was bipolar.