I am sooo devious! I can’t believe how fun that was! And Davey helped—I mean, played along… and that Diamond guy …why is named after a gem if he obviously doesn’t have any? Anyway, this really poor guy with an expensive name believed me when I made him think that things happened that didn’t (hadn’t?) and got all weird and sad-looking and stuff. And Davey and I dropped him back in that room the evil church guys put us in so he couldn’t get out again. And Davey and I got away from all of them even though he said we couldn’t take our horses. And I miss the cute little monkeys that seemed to know Davey but that’s OK ‘cuz that sexy guy that talks to me when my other friends are busy told me he’d take care of them (he’s sooo nice like that!). And I haven’t seen Tobe for a while, I really hope he’s OK ‘cuz I miss him. And—

Wait a minute! Why did that guy get so upset when he thought we’d—

Yes, I know! I think the trees are sooo pretty today too…
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