Case #13565
Perseus Moon - ID No. 001049858
Case Closed: 12/12/2006
Case Reopened: 03/01/2014

I can’t even believe this is happening. The irony of this case is excruciating. Why are we even opening it up again? It’s clear that Mrs. Minnie Wright killed her husband, Mr. John Wright. She had strangled him with a rope late at night. A man named Lewis Hale showed up at the house the next morning and questioned Mrs. Wright about where her husband was and she said she that Lewis Hale could not see him, then said that he was dead. This happened 8 years ago, and the department is still up in arms about it. Mrs. Wright admitted herself that she killed her own husband. Really it’s the ladies who showed up at the department with fresh evidence that made the chief re-open the case. Mrs. Nadia Peters and Mrs. Courtney Hale arrived at the department late yesterday with information that had not been seen since the murder itself. I really feel like we should charge them with tampering and holding of evidence. They decided they couldn’t live with their actions any longer and after 8 years gave us even more to this case. It was a sewing basket with a box in it that had a dead bird.

The scene of the crime now is irrelevant due to the house burning down about 3 and a half years ago. So this case must be solved strictly by evidence. I decided it was time to reexamine the report and pictures of John Wright’s body. The strangle marks around the neck show to be concurrent with the idea that he struggled. The lacerations dug deep into the flesh at the front of the neck proving that he tried to pull away from Mrs. Wright. The pictures were of a gruesome detail and the look of horror that plagued his face is one of those things that stays in the back of your mind. I re-read the statements of Mr. Hale, Mrs. Hale, and Mrs. Peters. The investigation 8 years ago was previously handled by the late Sheriff Henry Peters and the county attorney George Henderson. Their statements show they documented the case extensively well but yielded no evidence as to what occurred that evening. All the ladies wanted to do was meander about trifles.

The ladies wanted to take items from the house during the investigation. For some reason the people in charge let them. I don’t understand why the ladies held the evidence from us in this way. I guess that’s the job of a psychologist to determine. Anyways, three days later the lab report of the bird showed that he was strangled, with a rope that had the same diameter of the rope used against Mr. Wright. Had she killed the bird to practice? I couldn’t really analyze the bird anymore so I decided to read the case report of Mr. Wright. According to the people around him he was a very harsh and angry man. But before this day Mrs. Wright was a sweet and pleasent old lady who bowed to the whim of Mr. Wright every day. I decided to bring the ladies in for questioning. If they were going to hold evidence from us, the least they could do was assist in the investigation. I commenced to ask them a series of questions.

After the interview I concluded that this bird had in fact been Mrs. Wright’s pet. She had raised it and sung with it each morning. When the investigators were speaking with them they grabbed the sewing box that the bird was placed in as to remove any evidence that could hurt her. Due to the harshness of Mr. Wright it’s what kept her sane during her life. The ladies said they felt so horrible for not stepping in and intervening while her husband was alive that the last thing they wanted to do was let her go to jail. But when the investigation had went on and she went to jail anyways, they were too scared to turn over the evidence. They believed that she had killed the bird as practice to kill Mr. Wright. I on the other hand believe that he in fact killed the bird with a small string of rope in the barn in a fit of anger. She became so upset because that was the only thing holding her to a grasp of life, so when the bird was killed the went crazy and killed her husband.

To end this case I believe that there should be no changes made to the case as it stands. Though he was mentally and perhaps a bit physically abusive she did still kill him. Therefore the case should remain a homicide case and there should be no parole.
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I am Clark Kent from the Daily Planet. I have a couple questions concerning the Mr. Wright murder case.
What's your conclusion as to why Mrs. Wright killer her husband? Could she have killed him due to other reasons or was it entirely because her bird was killed?

Thank you for your time,

Clark Kent, Daily Planet
There was not a lot of evidence to support your theory. Why did Mrs. Wright kill her husband? Over the bird? I think there was more reasons and evidence that might can tell us more. What do you think? Should we open this case up one more time?
I liked how you pieced important parts of the case together but I don't think you should have closed it so quick. I mean was there any evidence to show that he was mentally or physically abusive towards Mrs. Wright? Why would Mr. Wright kill her bird in the first place?
I agree with you on how you looked into all the evidence over again to declare that she could have killed him. The question is why did she kill him?
I agree that all of the evidence points towards Mrs. Wright killing her husband. I am confused, however, how the rope used on Mr. Peters and the rope used on the canary was able to be of the same diameter? I also believe that the women who kept the evidence from the detective should indeed be charged with obstruction of evidence. This is a serious offense and should be dealt with as such.
Mr. Moon,
There is a lot of evidence and information that you incorporated to support your hypothesis, but I just have one question for you to help me better understand your case. did she kill him over the bird or because she felt like he was slowly taking over her life?
Thank you all for asking the same question. In my case notes the cause of the murder is over the bird as well as escaping the mental hell her husband put her through. The rope was the same diameter because she used the same rope he had to kill the bird, all he did was place a strip of rope he found lying around and killed the bird in order to torture it. She used the same strip on him as justification.