Case #2837: For The Love of Canary
The job of a cold-case detective can sometimes be very difficult. Evidence is harder to find and the only thing I can rely on to solve the case is the file created some time ago and any witnesses that are tied to the case. Today’s cold case was no different. Our local sheriff, Mr. Peters, came to see me with a recent cold case. He was frustrated at the lack of progress with closing this case and asked for my help. I gladly offered my help.

After he left I reviewed the case file. It seems that Mr. Wright, late husband of Mrs. Wright, had been strangled in his own bed by a rope. Mrs. Wright was named the main suspect. Some of the evidence acquired was a rope, and an empty bird cage with a broken door. Though there were no witnesses of the attack, there were a few names of local citizens who knew the couple attached to the file. I decided to interview the list of people in the file.

The first person I called in for an interview was Mrs. Peters. When she arrived I could tell that she was hiding something. I started off by asking her some questions about how she knew the Wrights and what she thought about them. All of her answers were short, like she wanted to say more but couldn’t bring herself to. I decided to bring up the bird cage. “Why was there an empty bird cage in the house?” I asked Mrs. Peters. “She had a canary” she replied. “Where is the canary?” I continued. She looked around nervously before replying, “It’s just a trifle.” “Mrs. Peters,” I said, “no evidence is a trifle. Do you know where the bird is?” She denied knowing where the bird was. “You know, obstruction of evidence is a serious law offense and can be punishable by up to 5 years in prison. Do you want that?!” I asked, frustrated. Her eyes widened and she said, “No! I’ll tell you where the bird is as long as you won’t charge us with anything.” “Us?” I questioned. “Mrs. Hale has the bird,” she continued. “She took it from the house because she didn’t want Mrs. Wright to get in any kind of trouble.”

I had Mrs. Hale brought in, along with the bird. She arrived at my office with a small box; the bird was lying dead inside of it. She had kept the bird for Mrs. Wright because she couldn’t bring herself to throw away what had once made her so happy. I sent the bird down to autopsy to figure out what happened to it. The analysis was strangulation that resulted in a broken neck. Weird, I thought. This is the way that Mr. Wright was murdered. I sent the two women home and had Mrs. Wright brought in for questioning.

Mrs. Wright came in with a nervous look. As we were sitting there she began to cry. “It’s alright, Mrs. Wright. Just tell me what happened.” She began by saying how much she loved her canary. It seemed as though she was comparing herself to the canary. She told me about the times when she used to be joyful and would sing a lot, just like the canary. “What happened to the canary?” I asked. “He…he strangled it,” she replied. “I tried to stop him!” she yelled with tears in her eyes. I asked her what happened to Mr. Wright. Hesitantly she replied, “He deserved to know how it felt. He took my happiness away from me.” I asked her again. “It was me,” she replied, “I killed him. I slipped the rope around his neck while he was asleep, knotted it, and strangled him; just like he strangled my canary.”

It all made sense now. Mrs. Wright saw herself as the canary, and when he killed it she just lost it. She was afraid that since he killed the canary, that he would do the same to her. With a confession from Mrs. Wright, the case is now solved. Mrs. Wright is set to go on trial in the next few months. She should be sent to prison for the rest of her life, unless charged with mental instability.
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I most definitely agree with this case as a hole. The bird was an essential part to this story and by piecing this evidence was vital to what the sentence should be. She murdered the man and should go to jail for life. Do you also believe that he was extremely mentally abusive but that should never be a cause for murder? We should examine each others cases in the future. I hope to hear back from you soon.
I agree with your hypothesis. The rope and the killing of the bird were the two most helpful items in the case. I would not consider life for murdering her husband because I know similar cases where a killer only did a maximum of 15 years. Also, do you think it was possibly something mentally wrong with the husband the reason he had such an hate towards the bird?
I did some research and discovered that the case happened in 1900. At that point in time, women were inferior to men. They were degraded and treated as if nothing mattered except them doing there womanly chores. This would point towards the fact that Mr. Wright was very controlling. Mentally abusive? Most likely. As hard as it would be to live like that, that should never be a reason to kill someone.

I learned that Mrs. Wright went on trial twice. The first time she was sentenced to life in prison with hard labor. However, the second time she was released and deemed not guilty. She obviously was guilty so I don't understand how that even happened. Since this all happened in 1900, I don't think that Mr. Wright had anything wrong with him. He was just being what men back then were... Controlling.
What all reasons did Mrs. Wright have to believe that Mr. Wright would have killed her? Controlling doesn't always lead to murder. I'm interested to know your thoughts on this!
I agree with your hypothesis and your proof of evidence to back it up. However, no sain person would kill their husband because he killed a pet of theirs. Therefore, I beleive that Minnie Wright had a disorder that none of us knew about, this needs to be further investigated.
Mr. Dent, I believe that killing something that she loved could be motive enough. You claim she has a disorder that no one knew about. How did you come across this hypothesis? Did you have her sent to a psychiatric clinic or have any tests run on her? If you're going to accuse her of being mentally ill, please provide the evidence to back up your hypothesis.
Mr. Moon, I do believe he was very controlling, maybe not physically but definitely emotionally.
Ms. Edwards,the trial has not been concluded yet so we will see. But I do believe that she should go to jail for her actions. What if someone does something in the future that upsets her as much as this and she tries to kill them? That is what we are all trying to prevent.
Ms. Alder, men were very controlling towards women then. She may have felt scared and felt like she had no happiness left after Mr. Wright killed the bird. Since she saw herself as the same as the canary, she feared that would be her result as well.