Mystery Murder on the Farm
By Clark Kent

INDIANOLA -- Saturday night a horrendous murder was committed. Mr. Wright, who was a farmer, was strangled in his sleep by someone using a rope. Officials originally believed that it was a burglar or burglars who broke in, but there is no evidence of a burglary. The murderer entered the room where Mr. and Mrs. Wright sleep and strangled him. There is nobody in the area that has been found who can witness the murderer exiting the premises. After being questioned by the authorities, Mrs. Wright swore that she woke up to a slammed door and saw a flash of light and then all was calm. She said that she tried to wake up her husband but he did not respond to her, which was when she realized that he was dead.

After further investigation, it is believed that Mrs. Wright has murdered her husband. The discovered evidence is not conclusive to her guilt, but the authorities said that there was something that did not fit in her testimony.

A very suspicious circumstance to Mrs. Wright’s testimony was that she was lying in the bed at the same time her husband’s murderer snuck into the room and strangled him, but she did not wake until the murderer was exiting the home. To make things even more suspicious, according to the authorities, there were no signs of forced entry.

Women of the community have begun to suggest that Mrs. Wright was possibly being highly controlled by Mr. Wright and that they have not seen her out-and-about since their marriage. But is this a motive that would suggest her murdering her husband?

Unfortunately for Mrs. Wright, signs point towards her guilt. Her beloved pet bird is missing. The cage was broken and the bird was gone. Is it possible that Mr. Wright did something to her bird? This could be a possible motive. Furthermore Mrs. Wright is known for her quality sewing, however, detectives discovered that the day before the murder, her sewing was all out of place and poorly done. It appeared as if she wasn’t focused on the task at hand and perhaps was thinking about killing her husband. But why exactly would she kill her husband?

A crime scene detective, Misako Ishida, took a shot at answering this question.

She said, “It is quite possible, but not confirmed, that Mrs. Wright felt like she was being metaphorically strangled and she was filled with unpleasant emotions such as anger, depression, and stress. She then literally strangled her husband, the man causing all of these emotions, because of his firm grasp of control.”

The case is still under investigation and no conclusion has been drawn.
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I agree that Mrs. Wright's testimony sounds quite suspicious. If someone that you sleep with is being strangled, you will notice movement in the bed from the victim struggling. No one is going to just lay still and let someone strangle them to death, they will try to fight back. I do have one question, how do you know that she was thinking about killing her husband when she was sewing?
Mr. Beckham,
I don't know that that's what she was thinking about. That statement is only a speculation by detectives. Since I am a reporter, I didn't actually do an investigation on the crime scene. Everything I say is what I get from detectives, psychologists, witnesses, etc. In other words, I report what other people are saying.
I agree that none of the evidence add up nor does her testimony, because once she seen he was dead, Why didn't she get help? and why was she in a trance?
I agree that none of the evidence add up nor does her testimony, because once she seen he was dead, Why didn't she get help? and why was she in a trance?
Chakayla, Luckily I don't have to piece anything together. I'll leave that up to the detectives. So far everything has been assumptions and speculations. Since the murder happened only a day ago, there hasn't been much evidence found, and out of what has been found, very little of it has been released to me and to the public. The case is still a major work in progress.
I agree her statement is very suspicious.I think Mrs. Wright lived a very lonely life and after seeing her bird strangled to death she went off the edge and murdered her husband. From a psychologist's view, I believe she was suffering from severe depression and could not handle the loss of her bird