Case #13564
Aggravated Assault, Attempted Rape, Possible Murder
Perseus Moon - ID No. 001049858
Case Closed: 10/04/1992
Case Reopened: 02/12/2014

Today is a day that I didn’t want to deal with. These cases can be the hardest to work with. A case that happened 20 years ago is a little more difficult to work with, due to a lack of fresh evidence. But it is my job to unearth that new evidence. I began looking at the current case. There were three teens, three adults, and three victims. The teens were all charged with aggravated assault as well as murder. Jeff Hardwell was sentenced to life with no parole, Jacob Duey was sentenced to 48 years with no parole, and one teen named Digby Jones was let off with a slap on the wrist due to his parents being wealthy. Jacob Duey, the youngest of the teenagers, has filed for an appeal. At 47 years old, he is still fighting to be free. I re-opened the case to figure out, with our new technology, what really happened.

I decided to retrace the kid’s steps up the mountain. I took a sample kit with me, along with a written version of his testimony, and a shovel. The crime occurred at Wakan Lake, otherwise referred to as, “Greasy Lake” by the young residents. The teens drove the vehicle belonging to Jacob Duey’s mother. It was a 1975 Chevy Bel-Air. I parked in the exact same place that was recorded by the detectives 20 years ago. According to Jeff, they pulled up to a vehicle that was already parked there, thinking the vehicle belonged to someone they knew. The vehicle was later identified as Michael Cortone’s blue 1957 Chevy. Michael was fooling around with his girlfriend in the backseat when three people he didn’t know started to honk, scream, and hit on his vehicle. He was justifiably upset and exited his vehicle.

He began to fight with the teenagers. Jacob Duey said he had lost the keys when he exited his vehicle so they were not able to escape. I noticed that, in fact, the grass does grow tall here and it would be quite easy to lose something. Jacob reached into the vehicle and grabbed a tire iron to defend himself. He hit Michael on the head with a very hard blow. Michael was knocked out, but at this point, the teens assumed he was dead.

I decided to leave the area as there wasn’t much more I could decipher here. I needed to go to the coroner’s office and see if the office still had the DNA records of Alan Wake. When the scene of the crime was investigated, there was a dead body near a motorcycle in the shallow area of the lake. The teens were found with nylon underneath their fingers. The girl that Michael was with had her clothes ripped off by the boys. They attempted to rape the girl while in a haze of violence.

A few adults showed up at Wakan Lake and scared the teenagers into the woods. The unidentified adults then destroyed Jacob’s mother’s vehicle. The adults never turned themselves in to face charges of vandalism. Michael ended up having a major concussion, but made a full recovery later. The girl immediately called 9-1-1 to report the teens had attempted to rape her. The teens were picked up within 2 hours of the call. I went to the coroner’s office and requested a DNA test using the blood that had been taken from Alan Wake’s clothing. Upon running the sample through the database at the department, I found that it did not match Jacob Duey’s DNA. I had discovered a new suspect. The sample actually matched a man named Jonathon Watkins. I was able to utilize new technology that had not been available when the crime was committed. Alan had died from a .38 caliber bullet. I decided to get a search warrant for Jonathan Watkin’s home. When we searched his house, a gun was found that still had traces of Alan Wake’s blood on it. The evidence was clear and it was determined that Jonathan Watkins had killed Alan Wake.

I was able to conclude that while the teens may not have committed murder, they did deserve time for aggravated assault and attempted rape. I will bring this report to the judge in hopes that he will grant an appeal for Jacob Duey. He and his friends did not kill this man.
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Hello, Mr. Moon. I had a sudden question in my head as I finished reading your journal of the Alan Wake case. How exactly was it determined that the boys had in fact killed Alan for them to be charged with murder as well as the obvious aggregated assault? Was there any evidence that linked them to his death?
Hello Yoshiko. It was determined almost twenty years ago. Due to a lack of DNA testing during that period of time, when the boys were picked up, they pieced together what they thought was the answer to the puzzle that the boys had in fact killed Alan. They were on a streak of terror anyways. Vandalism, aggravated assault, attempted rape, so they decided murder was also the most plausible answer.

Perseus Moon
ID No. 001049858
Hello Mr. Moon, I'm Dr. Aliza. I was reading over your statement; I agree with the charges for rape, but do you think they were aware of what they was doing? Was they in their right state of mind due to the usage of drugs and alcohol?
Hello Aliza. No matter if they were drunk or high at the time, the act of attempted rape was still committed. Therefore those charges should remain. It is far too late to plead insanity. They obviously weren't insane either. They have served their time and deserve to be set free.