Trolls, Trolls, and More ...
Trolls, Trolls, and More Trolls
We begin by trying to remember who was supposed to post last Journal. We have no idea. So now we can't remember anything about last session.

Flamerule 16
We are at Waterdeep to find Gorgo for some reason. We ask around for her lead ship and find it after hours of searching. She is not there. Our best bet for some reason is to go the Temple of Torm. We buy a few cabbages along the way and walk into the temple. In there we see a large chamber and a priest with a crowd worshiping Torm. We wait until the ceremony is done, then we greet the priest and ask him where Gorgo is. We take out the letter that is proof that we know Gorgo. The priest said that she left a month and a half ago to Dragonspear. He also mentioned that groups resupply her every two weeks, and that the next one will happen on Flamerule the 20th.

So now we just have to wait a few days. We head over to an inn across the street called the Double D (Drunken Dwarf). Inside we buy four days worth of rooms and food. We also take bath. I don't remember last time I took a bath...

Flamerule 20
We eat at first light and head out, only to be stalled (no pun intended) by Nick overflowing the outhouse. We follow our guide to where the resupply group is; only to find out they're not there! Ug. Thanks Nick. We head out after them on foot, and later meet up with them. A few hours later, we camp for the night. Even though the caravans have a guard set up, we follow our usual routine for watch.

A bit after midnight, on my watch with Nick, we hear one of the guards yelling, “TROLLS, TROLLS, WAKE UP!!” Nick and I wake up the rest of the party, and join in the battle. Well, some of us put on our armor (because you need armor before you can shoot a bow). After a few solo kills by me, we burn the trolls. Barley takes out pig grease, and pours it on the trolls to get a fire going. And I thought he was crazy carrying that around...

After a few seconds, more trolls invade (because you roll twice in one watch). We continue to fight them, as Durin continues to put on his armor. After a few more seconds, the trolls are on the ground burning, thanks for the help, Durin. We heal up, and go back to bed.

Flamerule 21
We arrive at Daggerford. After a nights' rest there, we head out.

Flamerule 23
We finally reach Dragonspear. Inside, we ask about Gorgo, and her cleric, Serena tells us that she is patrolling, but she is glad to take us to her.

We later meet up with Gorgo and she tells us that the enemy (trolls, ants, orcs, etc). She tells us that they seem to be attacking Elturel, but have not succeeded.

To be continued...
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