Case #15892; A Rose for Emily
One night while sitting in my home, I decided to reopen a cold case and to just look over it with a fresh perspective. This case was about an older lady, Emily Greirson, who was a suspect in a missing person/homicide case. During the initial investigation there wasn't much evidence to collect and they couldn't collect Ms. Grierson's statement because she was deceased. The only known facts of Ms. Grierson is that she was a recluse(shying away from public), her father passed away and her former fiancee(possible murder victim hasn't been seen in quite a few years, and that mental illness ran in her family. With Ms. Grierson being deceased the former investigators had no other knowledge of her mental state.

Once I reopened the case, I decided to ask around town to inquire if anyone remembered what happened the day she passed. Needless to say nobody knew much because as I stated previously she was a recluse. But, what I did find out was strange, according to other towns people when Ms. Grierson's father passed away she decided to lie to the authorities about his death and keep his body for three days before turning him over. When I heard this, I was shocked mainly because this was not stated in the original statements. Also, on an unrelated lopic some witnesses state they saw Ms. Grierson buying arsenic at a local hardware store.

When Ms. Grierson passed away, they held her funeral in her house unaware of what they might find. While looking around her house, some towns people came across a startling discovery, the remains of Homer Barron, the former fiancee of Ms. Grierson. The remains were discovered in her bedroom lying on one side of the bed. As if that wasn't bad enough, there was an indent on the pillow beside him, with a gray hair lying on it. Of course, your first thought would be that Emily was laying next to his remains. After stumbling upon this, I remembered what a couple witnesses had told me about the arsenic that she purchased. So I started putting two and two together. With that discovery, I sent a sample of Mr. Homer's hair to the lab to run a test to see if he had been poisoned..still waiting on his lab results.
Also, his TOD(time of death) had been put at the time frame of his disappearance, coincidence I THINK not.

My investigation is currently on hold until I get the lab results back of the hair sample, arsenic, and autopsy reports.
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I gathered the same conclusion with the evidence provided. I think you handled this case very well but I am curious as to what the lab results will say..
I think you are doing a great job with this case. I have heard of this case before, and it seems really interesting. I would love to help you out, if you would like me to. I could help you with evaluating the people involved in the case, and see if they did have any mental illnesses.
Its great how you used the small amount of evidence available to you from the crime scene to link her to the crime.
I agree with how you used the detailed evidence from the crime scene to Emily's death
This seems like it was a very tough case to solve, espescially since the suspect was deceased. I think you did a great job. I'd really like to have been able to examine Ms. Grierson's mental status.