Case #123564 Missing Fortunato

We were looking into the case of the missing Fortunato many years ago. This case was brought back up when one of the witnesses decided to come to the department. This witness decided to come to the police many years later because they thought it was time to tell us who was with Fortunato the day Fortunato went missing. The witness saw Fortunato talking to someone and Fortunato became very happy and they both left together. The witness detailed this suspect could have been and looked like Montresor. So we decided to look deep into this investigation and found out that Montresor was a millionaire that lives in the area, and on that day Montresor and Fortunato were both spotted walking to his mansion together. We found out from our witness that Montresor did not like Fortunato, so that could be a reason why Montresor could have killed Fortunato. They both were seen together at the carnival and they left together at the same time. In our evidence we discovered that when Fortunato went missing Montresor had not been seen for awhile. We needed more evidence like clothing, blood, DNA, etc. We needed to get into Montresor’s mansion, but that would not be a problem because he died years ago. In his mansion we found some clothing and traces of what is possible granite, but we searched areas within 20 miles like caves or anything but nothing was found. In order to declare what happen in this case and what happen to Fortunato I had to have probable cause in order to solve this case. If Montresor killed Fortunato, we had to find everything we can know about Montresor, like what kind person he was and if he liked Fortunato or not and why? We searched and got every piece of evidence we could find in the mansion that would help solve the case. Everything we found that could by any chance help we sent it to the crime lab to see if we could find any kind of samples of DNA, hair fragment, etc. We did one more look in the mansion and what we found was a trap room behind the walls in the mansion. In there were samples of granite, so we took the granite sample to the lab to be tested. The test back as the same granite was found on the clothing of Montresor. As we looked in the room we found bone fragments that looked like someone was trapped and chained in the room for a very long time. We took the bone fragments to get tested and it came back that the body was Fortunato. Evidence shows that Fortunato was trapped and chained to the walls in the room for a very long time and this shows that Montresor was the killer and responsible for the missing Fortunato.

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