RE: Questions
Adric Wymarc
I have some questions after the last session;

1. I want Matalure to join me as a Demi god.
2. What happened to the army, the arc, our ship?
3. What was Skoulous doing there?
4. Does Ixion stay loyal? How many undead remain?
5. Study arc before returning it in one year.
6. Does the rain and magic issues end with the end of BBBB?
7. I shall name Chelicer as my successor.
8. Chelicer will use Ixion, undead and arc for further conquest. Mostly against other evil races that pose a threat. He will not break the deal with the dwarves or our daughters.
9. Clive and Jack return head to Oyanen?
10. I Guide the Delvo through my cult and Chelicer.
11. Have our Grand daughters colonize the valley.
12. What powers am I allowed to have as a demi god. Do I need weapons and armor anymore? Can I have an avatar? etc.

1) She will have to earn her way there. You are not powerful enough to grant that yet. You may still visit her though, in a way.

2) The army remains with the Delvo realm though the allies return home. The undead remain as a gift though the arc returns.

3) He was freed by agents of Bobugbubiltz to create uncertainty in the allied army via you. Ojanen is quite displeased when she learns this.

4) Yes, roughly half.

5) Done.

6) Yes.

7) OK.

8) Ok. Roll d20

9) Yes.

10) Ok.

11) OK. This is time consuming. Roll d20.

12) These are based on your followers. Right now not much more than visions (vague) and the like. You have to save up energy to effect the realm.

Weapons and armor are helpful as other demigods test you and they utilize them. Pecking order and all. Highlander style ish. Defeat thy enemy and gain a portion of their power. Difficult to be destroyed completely but easy to loose power/influence.

You can have an avatar as you gain power. More powerful gods have more powerful avatar(s). Worshipers is the key.
Session: This is it. - Wednesday, Nov 20 2013 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
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