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Veterans of the Last War
Session Two and Three - Ashurta's Tomb
The Ravens were hired by Olakki a goblin priest, and Morlic, a surly Dwarven taskmaster. Both Olakki's flock and Morlic workers were being plagued by Kruthik attacks in the Cogs beneath Sharn. Some of the Kruthik are rumored to have wings.

Investigating the area Olakki indicated for Kruthik tunnels the Ravens came upon an ancient goblin tomb from the Daakaani Empire era. The Kruthik appeared to be nesting in the tomb.

Entering the tomb, the group discovered that it was the tomb of Ashurta, a great goblin warlord. They also discovered that the tomb had been recently entered by a group of goblins known as the Kech Volar, or Wordbearers, who were searching the tomb for Ashurta's Blade. The goblins appeared to have been killed or driven off by the Kruthik.

Making their way through deathtraps and facing many undead and Kruthik, the Ravens were ultimately faced with the ghost of Ashurta himself wielding his mighty blade.

Ashurta, nearly proved the end for the Ravens, with only Tim the Warlock left standing at the end of the battle. However, after the battle, the PCs recovered Ashurta's Blade and discovered it was only part of a larger artifact known as the Ashen Crown.

After exploring the entire tomb and not locating the Kruthik Hive, the Ravens ventured into the narrow Kruthik tunnels, faced the Kruthik Hive Lord and ended the threat of the Kruthik.

Venturing back to Sharn, the Ravens investigated both the Ashen Crown and the Kech Volar goblins. These investigations eventually put them in touch with Professor Gydd Nephret, an expert in the Dhakaani Empire, from Mourngrave University. Nephret did not trust the PCs at first but eventually invited them to her home in a few days time. She would see what she could find out about the Ashen Crown.

In the meantime, the group was contacted by Capt. Saj Kalaes. The Captain works for the King's Citadel, Breland's Royal Gaurd. The Ravens suspect that he actually works for the Black Lanterns, the Brelish intelligence organization.

The captain knew about the Ravens recent foray into the Cogs and that they now held Ashurta's Blade. He told them that the Kech Volar are working to recover all the pieces of the Ashen Crown. They see the crown as a symbol of their right to rule Dargun. Right now the Hobgoblin tribes of Lhesh Haruuc rule the goblin nation. Breland would like to see the Kech Volar rule however, as they will be easier to form alliances with than Lhesh Haruuc. The Captain asked the Ravens to seek out the Kech Volar and help them acquire the other pieces of the the Ashen Crown. In payment, he simply said that he would owe the Ravens a favor.

The Kech Volar, are headed to Greywall on the border of Droam. On the way they are stopping at the goblin monument of Six Kings to seek out the second piece of the crown. The third piece is located in Greywall itself.

The Captain has a doppleganger agent in place among the Kech Volar, he is disguised as a hobgoblin and goes by the name Tikulti. He will help the Ravens, if possible, without blowing his cover.

The Captain scheduled an airship to take the group to Ardev in three days time.

Nephret provided the group with information about the crown and its history. She also introduced them to Dannae, an elf from Arenal, who offered to buy Ashurta's blade from them. Dannae told them that the Ashen crown was actually an elven artifact that had been taken by the goblins many thousands of years ago. The Ravens did not immediately agree to sell the blade.

Preparing to head out on the Airship, the PCs were contacted by Nephret the next day. Her message said that Dannae was not who she seemed and Nephret now feared for her life. Nephret was planning to leave town but said that she would meet the Ravens at her house in a few hours to give them all the information she had. She also instructed them that if she was not able to meet them that the information would be hidden in a safe in her house.

Arriving at Nephret's house the group was attacked by undead. Being veterans of the Last War, the Ravens immediately identified the undead for what they were. Minions of the Emerald Claw. After dispatching the undead and recovering the information, the Ravens used their contacts to discover that "Dannae" is actually an outlaw elf named Demise, who has close ties to the Order of the Emerald Claw.

Items gained:

Ashurta's Blade - Bastion
Amulet of Protection +2 - Who got this?
Battle Standard of Might - Garviel
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