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Shabolath Part Two
Having dispatched some cultists, the party dumped oil down into the fleshy tunnel beneath the inn, igniting it. This apparently enraged..something...as tentacles appeared in the air and attacked the PCs. After the fight, the PCs were helped by an Imperial knight named Elobeth, who explained that (somewhat-erratically written) journals he discovered claimed that leaping into Shabolath's mouth would allow travel back to Sylgrad.

Underground the party went, facing some cultists and troglodytes before meeting Shabolath itself. Elobeth was eaten, and the party fought the cthonic horror. Upon severing a tentacle, they leaped into it's mouth during a howl of pain and found themselves back in Sylgrad..

...or did they?
Session: S2E2 - Saturday, Jan 11 2014 from 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM
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