Immortal Thorgar
Thorgar appears as a grizzled old dwarf wearing a fine suit of dragonscale mithril plate mail (scales embossed with a 'medusa' image). He has a face on both sides of his head, and his helmet has a stylized face-plate on both sides as well. He typically covers his finery with a patched and worn sergeant's uniform... preferring not to draw too much attention.

When aroused, blue lightning crackles over his skin (often unleashed upon his foes). In addition, he is able to conjure a variety of weapons from thin air which fly true on his command. Finally, any who touch him unbidden turn immediately to stone.

Upon leaving behind the mortal world, he also left behind the mighty short sword Gwydain, and his Heavy Bronze Shield of Drunor. His first act as an immortal was to manipulate Gwydain to draw the attention of Sgt. Grimtooth of the dwarven army. To him he gifted the sword and shield, and the responsibility of watching his new followers over the years ahead.

Thorgar doesn't require worship in the traditional sense (ie: fine temples), but he has a special interest in the craftsmen and watchmen among his people. Priests and Paladins wear a necklace or armor-ornament of a bronze heart with a hammer and sword crossed over it (though they are ultimately loyal to the Great Shaper over all). Craftsmen show their reverence by tithing of their time to craft something useful for those in need. Many take to sprinkling fine pipeweed over their forge-fires during the process.

Finally, Thorgar begins influencing his people to go out into the world... to explore, trade, and normalize relations with other people's (particularly the Delvo, and their new immortal patron). He encourages them to use their skills to build more than just armaments... but also roads, bridges, mechanical devices, and art. While remaining vigilant against aggression, their main goals should be to become indispensable partners to neighboring states, and to improve the world around them for all goodly peoples.

On a minor note: he visits a respected elder sculptor in his dreams, and inspires him to build three statues in the dwarven mausoleum. One is a human warrior-woman bearing a mace & long sword; the next is a human knight wielding a spear & shield; the final one is a tall, stocky halfling armed with a short sword and dagger.
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